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Show HN: Streaming of realtime AI based prediction of Bitcoin price (facebook.com)
4 points by redknight666 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

We designed just for fun an AI algorithm to assist in short-term trading of crypto currencies.

This is the first --very rough-- iteration running in realtime on BTCUSD pair (no delays - besides video upload of course). Don't know how much time it will be up, probably 12 to 16 hours or so.

While technically not 'operable', these are the live results, so you could (in-theory) trade assisted by it while I am streaming. --- hope I am not going against the rules of ShowHN ---

Disclaimer: Trade at your own risk, these data and/or predictions does not imply any kind of advise.

Feedback is welcome.

New link because of ISP disconnection issues. Running on backup ISP meanwhile:https://www.facebook.com/federico.lois/videos/10155254288586...

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