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Sourcegraph Server 2.6: Symbol search for 75+ languages (sourcegraph.com)
42 points by slimsag 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Sourcegraph CEO here. Happy to answer any questions.

Sourcegraph is code search and intelligence across all your code, integrated with your code host (even giving you IDE-like hovers, definitions, references, etc., when viewing code files and diffs on GitHub/etc.).

In addition to the things mentioned in the announcement, we've been making steady improvements to code intelligence. Check out https://about.sourcegraph.com/docs/code-intelligence.

One of the things we see is that basically 100% of devs at Google and Facebook use those companies' internal Sourcegraph-like tools for code search/intelligence, and it makes them a lot happier and more productive as devs. We think 100% of devs at every company should have amazing code search and intelligence.

Do you have support for Code Intelligence with Flow (for JavaScript) or Ruby on your roadmap?

Flow-typed JavaScript works well with our existing JavaScript support. Post an issue if you have any issues when trying it out: https://github.com/sourcegraph/issues/issues.

For Ruby, we haven't investigated the situation in a few months. Last time, we checked out https://github.com/mtsmfm/language_server-ruby but it was not far enough along. We maintain a table of language servers at http://langserver.org/, and once they have support for hovers, definitions, and references, we begin to plan to integrate them. We'll be releasing a roadmap for Sourcegraph language support soon with a lot more docs for how to integrate existing language servers, too.

"75+ languages" -- Does this mean that non typed languages are now supported? Ruby, python, and etc?

We have full language support for Python, see https://sourcegraph.com/github.com/ansible/ansible/-/blob/co....

We also have symbol support for Ruby and many other languages, see https://sourcegraph.com/github.com/Homebrew/brew and symbol search screen recording https://cl.ly/0p2a131B3r04.

-- Linda, PM @ Sourcegraph

Is there a list of what exactly are these 75 languages ?

Yep. Sourcegraph uses Universal Ctags in our symbol search, you can see the full list of supported languages here https://github.com/universal-ctags.

Eager to take the new server for a test spin. Great work guys. :)

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