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If not SSL, then they'd go away at the point some other technical change dropped. Or do you suggest "we" continue using broken protocols forever in order to preserve them? Do you still support telnet to accommodate people who can't handle `ssh-keygen`?

In any case, (a small subset of) the random enthusiast sites and such are close to the only reason I use a browser recreationally anymore. I absolutely agree with you.

The answer isn't to stop fixing things. The answer is to make it easier and cheaper to be secure.

Kinda like what LE is doing, no?

My point is that those sites don't need to be any more secure than they are. A hobbyist website written in HTML in Notepad with only text and images that can be run on IE 5.0 might not require HTTPS and Google and others might change that.

I don't get the notion that some sites don't "need" HTTPS. The threat model it protects against isn't only sensitive information being intercepted, it's also man-in-the-middle attacks that actually change what's delivered. Maybe a hobbyist website only has text and images sitting on its server, but the visitor might receive malware — and that can happen to literally any site served over HTTP.

> I don't get the notion that some sites don't "need" HTTPS.

Your failure to grasp this is fairly evident from the rest of your comment.

Plaintext HTTP being fine for delivering public documents might have been true 10 or 20 years ago. Sadly, attacks on and uninvited mutation/corruption of plaintext content has become that super-common (at least in some parts of the world) that you can be almost certain that one or more of your users will be affected by it if you're not taking precautions.

It sucks badly. I'd prefer a less hostile network myself. Even back then there were bad actors but at least you could somewhat count on well-meaning network operators and ISPs. Nowadays it's ISPs themselves that forge DNS replies and willfully corrupt your plaintext traffic to inject garbage ads and tracking crap into it. And whole nation states that do the same but for censoring instead of ad delivery.

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