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> You can't possibly understand...

Oh, I get it. I've worked with lots of people like you.

You're lazy.

As an infosec practitioner, I'm the one that cleans up after the people who claim good current infosec practices are "too hard" or "impractical" or "not cost-effective", which all boil down to sysadmins and developers like you creating negative externalities for people like me. I have heard all of these arguments before. "Oh, we can't risk patching our servers because something might break." "Oh, the millisecond overhead of TLS connection setup is too long and might drive users away." "Oh, this public-facing service doesn't do anything important, so it's no big deal if it gets hacked."

That's irresponsible.

I'm not at all sorry that the wider IT community has raised the standards for good (not best, just good) current infsec practices. If you're going to put stuff out there, for God's sake maintain it especially if it's public-facing. If using the right HTTPS config is that difficult for you, move your stuff behind CloudFront or Cloudflare or something and let them deal with it. If you can't be bothered with some minimal standard of care, you need to exit the IT market.

And good luck finding a job in any industry, in any market, where anyone will think that doing less than the minimal standard, or never improving those minimums, is OK.

> If you can't be bothered with some minimal standard of care, you need to exit the IT market.

My goodness, you just nailed it.

The IT job market is so tight that complete incompetence is still rewarded. Incompetence and negligence that would get you fired immediately or even prosecuted in many if not most other professions.

If restaurant employees treated food safety the way most developers treat code safety, anyone who dined out would run about a 5-10% chance of a hospital visit per trip.

I was just arguing with a “senior developer” who left a wide open SQL injection in an app. “But it will only ever be behind the firewall, it’s not worth fixing.”

That’s like a chef saying “I know it’s old fish but we’ll only serve it to people with strong stomachs, I promise”.

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