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The service is great, but they're really the only free SSL cert game in town. As more sites start using their certs, they'll wind up becoming a single point of failure.

They are not the only CA that issues certificates for free. For example, AlwaysOnSSL[0] was on HN a few days ago[1], with some important differences (as pointed out in the HN comments)

[0] https://alwaysonssl.com/

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16566031

It's a very nice feature, but you can't actually get the cert to use on your own servers or devices. You can only use it with AWS services, like their load balancers and Cloudfront. It makes a lot of sense that they do it this way, it makes it very easy to keep secure, since you never get the key. However it doesn't solve the same problems that Let's Encrypt does, and that's ok.

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