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mplewis 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

This is a puff piece that's essentially an ad for the company with whom she accepted an offer.

    - Adding value to the world
    - Building a sustainable business
    - Learning personally
    - Growing others
    - Working with great people
This is where I looked at the URL and realized it was on their own website.

First spot being "make the world a better place" brings it close to satire level!

edit: fomatting

Yeah, I also find these types of articles to be disingenuous. The tech hiring process is suboptimal, but it doesn’t help when you have a lot of noisy PR articles disguised as interviewing tips.

This is a great list of questions! Is there a list out there on how what sorts of questions to ask for engineers or other non-PM roles?

My go-to list is this one from interviewing.io: http://blog.alinelerner.com/how-to-interview-your-interviewe...

I've asked interviewers "what do you like about working here."

followed by what are the things they don't like about working here.

I've gotten pretty candid responses.

https://keyvalues.io has some good ones.

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