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Amazon HQ2 Winner May Be Boston, Says Wells Fargo AI Program (fortune.com)
10 points by apress 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Wow, Wells Fargo is trying to predict the winner of a farcial competition that really is a way to get larger tax breaks for Amazon. When Wells Fargo is using their "Program" to get into Fortune for another PR / AD play. Maybe they also want to hire in Boston?

If Wells Fargo's AI is so smart maybe they could use it to figure out a way to do business that doesn't include widespread fraud.

I imagine it's possible without AI to solve this type of problem, but I think Wells Fargo needs all the help they can get.

So you put "AI" in the headline and the story, such as it is, basically admits this is all just a guessing game. At least it correctly notes that this is going to be a decision made by a few people and probably no one outside of Amazon even really knows what their major criteria are.

It really doesn't matter if HQ2 is officially in Boston. Amazon already has a large presence in Cambridge, and is building a new huge office in the Seaport. HQ3 is already in Boston, but they can rename it HQ2 if they want.

Admittedly, while significant, Amazon's existing or planned presence in Boston and Cambridge is "only" about 3,000 employees. Though, honestly, the fact that they've made investments in the area already could argue against a major new expansion in a location (Suffolk Downs) that most potential employees would likely regard as a significant downgrade from Amazon's other facilities in the area.

Wells Fargo has no credibility whatsoever. Wasn't there a court ordering that they "couldnt grow anymore"?

Hard to take these financial companies serious these days.

F* Wells Fargo. One of the top financial companies on my personal wishlist to liquidate and never rehire the top executives unless they start out at minimum wage and earn their way up again.

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