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Show HN: Organize – The file management automation tool (github.com)
10 points by tfeldmann 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

That's a nice clean tool - works well on Windows too.

My only suggestion is when copying files from subfolders, to show which subfolder a file is being copied from.

My example moves all files starting with test to a BACKUP folder

  Folder U:\My Documents\_working\python\test_ORIG:
    File test.py:
      - [Move] Move to "\\...\My Documents\_working\python\test_file\BACKUPS\test.py"
    File test22.py:
      - [Move] Move to "\\...\My Documents\_working\python\test_file\BACKUPS\test22.py"
    File test1.py_ORIG:
      - [Move] Move to "\\...\My Documents\_working\python\test_file\BACKUPS\test1.py_ORIG"
    File test_bell.csv:
      - [Move] Move to "\\...\My Documents\_working\python\test_file\BACKUPS\test_bell.csv"
2 of the above files came from a subfolder in test_ORIG, but there is no indication which (fine for contrived example but would be an issue with large moves)

This is now integrated and available for update. Thank you for the feedback!

You are right, this would be nice. Thanks for your feedback!

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