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Chrome 65 blocks you by default from taking screenshots in Incognito mode (stackexchange.com)
29 points by plurby on March 12, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

Same as Firefox Focus and other privacy-oriented browsers. https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/03/07/chrome-65-blocks-in...

Blocking screenshots on this level sounds wrong. The operation system UI should make clear when and how other apps are recording the screen. As an app developer, I should not be bothered with avoiding screen captures.

Breaking this functionality breaks the lowest common denominator of data sharing: Taking a screenshot. One of the reason to make a screenshot is just because an application misses a proper data export functionality.

I use Incognito for all kinds of non-privacy things just because they're one-time searches like political or or how-to or just stuff I don't care to have Chrome try to auto-suggest or auto-populate or even show in history (even if it's completely innocuous and non-adult), and taking screenshots is very valuable to me when I'm submitting to forums, so this change is overly-restrictive and I'm not seeing a way to change it in settings.

Also, QA and dev teams use Incognito for "clean" testing, and screenshots here are very valuable for showing others what you're seeing (especially if they're not in the same office or area), such as when they're pasted to a ticket board.

I honestly don't see the reason for this restriction; if it has something to do with Recents (which the source code change ticket implies), then I don't know how that makes sense either, as I have Chrome tabs in Recents disabled, and I can't see how this benefits the user unless Google employees' significant others busted their salacious Incognito usage... but that's punishing the innocent as well and telling every user they're not capable of "doing it right" even if that's their knowing intention.

I have to imagine this is a bug, and not a feature. I'm not sure what the rationale for this would be.

The rationale is preventing other apps, that have permission either explicitly or implicitly, from taking screenshots of pages you are viewing.

I guess I don't understand how Google restricting the user with hardware button presses from taking screenshots is required to fix an issue of other apps taking screenshots invisibly through software... this "fix" seems nonsensical and overly-restrictive to the user.

If Google's Android really can't tell the difference between a physical user and a software app, there's something seriously wrong with Google or Android.

I stand corrected. Still seems like a bad idea to do so when explicitly requested, but I can see why they would want to restrict screenshots in some way.

Probably to stop incognito tab contents from showing in the app switcher. A side effect of this is that manual screenshots are blocked as well.

I don't see why that requires this as the fix, especially for users who have disabled the Chrome option to show its tabs in Recents.

It makes sense (same reasoning as Signal blocking screenshots) but it should really be toggle-able in Settings.

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