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[dupe] Qualcomm/Broadcom Merger Blocked by Trump (nytimes.com)
27 points by neuromantik8086 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Whilst undoubtedly it would have been a great move for the combined company, they would have too much market share of high-speed wireless chipsets and this could have ended up badly for consumers - MediaTek, Intel and RealTek are still bit players in wave 2 AC gear and beyond.

Also Qualcomm have traditionally been a little more open with their chipsets (binary blob notwithstanding) so hopefully more routers in the future will support open source firmwares without having to sign NDA's for driver source access like DD-WRT did with Broadcom.

Good. We don't need more monopolistic conglomerates.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but... "National security"?

They told him that Singapore is different from Hong Kong and has nothing to do with China, did they?

Because if it's about a small(er) country where China has economic influence, than no merger with an APAC company will ever be approved, including companies from countries like Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines.

Also, is Broadcom really a Singaporean company? A quick scan of online resources seems to indicate that it's only incorporated here (likely for tax purposes).

Australia and New Zealand are part of Five Eyes, so we like them.

Ignoring any concerns regarding national security and ignoring that this is related to Drumpf, I'm pleased that we aren't going to have a second chipzilla.

So you think having one Chipzilla is better than two? And that this Chipzilla didn't lobby with Trump to stop that merger?

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