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TheAI.wiki: The Wiki for AI (theai.wiki)
6 points by aaronyy 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

As usual, entirely devoted to machine learning and without showing any hint that there's anything else to AI than classification -and a bit of clustering.

(I created the wiki). That's only because it's easiest to bootstrap quickly from current ML glossaries. If you'll notice, there is a 'Knowledge Tree' that also includes robotics, planning, logic, etc. I work in robotics so definitely don't think AI is just ML. All that stuff is under wanted pages. Feel free to sign up and start writing those up!

Hi. I can't find anything about robotics or planning using the serach box at the top and a serch for "logic" turns up the page for Biological Neurons.

You have a bigger problem than that, I'm afraid. These are some of the pages I noticed while looking for the subjects you note above:






I think you're being attacked by spam bots.

Edit: There's also a lot of that under "wanted pages".

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