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Asana’s Rise to a $900M Valuation (producthabits.com)
24 points by smalter 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

I actually thought they were dead in slack’s wake. Ironically, I think asanas model is a better way for a team to collaborate than slack. With asana or other systems, the focus is on an issue or checklist or Story or some other piece of work.

With slack, it’s just rambling, ad hoc discussions, arguments without vocal / body language context, random thread hijacking and hardly any way to consolidate information.

What?? Slack and Asana are completely different products. Once is for chatting, the other for project management.

Perhaps it's because they both want to "kill email"? To me they definitely feel like products in separate categories.

Which both can be put in a larger "collaboration" category. Categories have fuzzy boundaries.

Have always had problems with asana. It was always to limited for _my_ use-case (as a developer), and how other teams I've worked with did use it was awful. asana lacks granularity, or anything meaningful in terms of enforceable process. To me, asana is a glorified to-do list, not a project management tool. Their reliability was awful as well, having project-based outages for ~10 mins, multiple times a day wasn't leaving a good taste in my mouth.

You can try out https://zenkit.com. Zenkit might fit more to your needs. More data views and way more flexible than Asana.

Cheers, will have to investigate.

Curious about what ended up working for you? What project management app are you using now?

At that company we moved onto blossom.io for 2 months to see how we'd fit. It works well, more of what we want, but we had problems with updates/collaboration (visibility)/issue linking/etc. We worked actively with their product team, but feature delivery was a little slow - would reconsider going back though. We moved onto YouTrack afterwards - afaik, they're still there.

Where I currently work, we use JIRA.

Glad to see Asana isn't going anywhere. I'm a power user for my personal TODOs and would hate having to move it to another platform.

Glad to hear that Asana is doing well financially. It is at the center of my GTD-ish productivity setup since Microsoft decided to shut down Wunderlist. Really don't want to move all my stuff again...

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