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The Weird World Inside a Pitcher Plant (nytimes.com)
31 points by dnetesn 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

What is weird about this? Isn't symbiosis an accepted thing? Humans also can't live without a microbiome, etc.

The article clearly highlights a few unusual (aka, weird) things:

1 - Unlike most other pitcher plant species, this one has low acid and relies on the droppings of the worm larvae

2 - This is the only place the larvae have been found to live (a small and [i imagine somewhat] threatened area)

3 - The main food source appear to be other insects born inside the plant that get caught in the web leaving. Not other insects/animals that fall inside

This account looks like a spammer, most submissions are nothing but links to outline.

The difference being that these are actually super helpful links. I'd be happy with an outline link being a permanent fixture. Get all the text and images, without all the garbage.

Agreed it looks scammy, but it is a legitimate link. The user should give some context instead of just pasting a link.

I think it’s providing the text for paywalled submissions.

I see what you mean but I'm just a reader. No affiliation to outline.com or anything else. My understanding is it's ok to post paywall workaround links and I wish more people would do it.

I think what you do is super helpful and I appreciate it. Maybe adding context or just saying it's a paywall workaround would prevent people from getting the wrong idea.

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