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I'm 39, and I've never been more productive. I do think there are some challenges today, that stems from more people being productive; we see fewer projects with great, in-depth documentation.

We tend to get decent tutorials, and not very useful machine generated reference material.

Think react vs "the c programming language". Or docker vs the man pages for bsd jails.

I think this makes it harder to fully grasp new technologies - there's often lack of clearly stated vision, or a problem statement (this tools makes x y and z easier with the following trade-off based on experience with a, b and c).

In The case of projects like docker, mongodb and puppet - I think we can blame marketing quite a bit for this.

As for distractions; just turn the stuff off at work, check in your free time. Hopefully as an adult you've formed some real and lasting relashionships; people will be there even if you take a day to get back to them...

[ed: as for that related trend of "keeping up to date" (used to mean reading byte and Dr dobbs etc, then the Web started to dominate with Slashdot, now it's here and reddit etc - I've found I'm much more comfortable taking a step back; the hype isn't interesting - what shakes out is.

It's a sad trend that news in general has become very much tabloid, real news agencies that pay for and do real analysis has been waning for a long time. Thankfully, technology is more powerful than ever, and enables things like the intercept or citizen reporting like http://www.raqqa-sl.com/ ]

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