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Slingshot: malware that hid for six years spread through routers (arstechnica.com)
15 points by bhouston on Mar 12, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

The question is, how created this? It targeted these states:

> Infected computers were located primarily in Kenya and Yemen, but also in Afghanistan, Libya, Congo, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, and Tanzania. Most of the victims appeared to be targeted individuals.

Kaspersky labs hints that it was the UK as they said it was similar to Sauron and Regin.

Before speaking about hints, you should name 2-3 more similar rootkits. If you do, then it would lead us to a conclusion, that Kaspersky labs really was selective while choosing rootkits for comparison, and it would lead us to understanding of this hints: we would be able to make a guess what the selection criterion was.

Without other examples of rootkits of the same class, hypothesis of "hints" should be rejected due to added complexity, like any other conspiracy theory.

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