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The Human Diagnosis Project is hiring product-oriented software engineers
10 months ago | hide
The Human Diagnosis Project (Human Dx) is looking for product-oriented software engineers to help build the world's open medical intelligence system with the goal of bringing more affordable, accurate, and accessible care to all. Today, Human Dx has been used by thousands of doctors from more than 80 countries to collaborate on any case, question, or other medical topic.

We're looking for true software generalists who enjoy working across the stack and share the passion of having their work make a meaningful difference in everyone's lives. If you love working toward a social mission, please email us at team@humandx.org or visit humandx.org/team.

Some more info about us:

Human Dx unites the nation's top medical institutions (including the American Medical Association and the National Association of Community Health Centers), academic research partners (including Harvard, Hopkins, MIT, Berkeley, and UCSF), and financial supporters (including the MacArthur Foundation, the Moore Foundation, Andreessen Horowitz, and Y Combinator). We are organized as a tandem 501(c)(3) nonprofit and public benefit effort.

The Team includes alumni from leading organizations (including the World Health Organization, the White House, Google, Facebook, McKinsey, and Blackstone) and universities (including Oxford, Harvard, MIT, and Stanford). Our efforts have been recognized by the inaugural 100&Change Competition from thousands of applicants worldwide as one of eight organizations globally with a bold solution to a critical social problem.

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