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If carrots actually tasted like they were supposed to, sweet and carroty, it wouldn't be so hard to get kids to eat them.

Especially baby carrots, which are the junk of the carrot world, do not taste good.

Why do baby carrots taste different from regular carrots? I thought they were regular carrots, just pre-peeled/cut.

Because they use the lowest quality carrots to make them (since they are usually sold cheaply), and because by cutting and peeling they can hide defects.

Also peeling them causes them to deteriorate somewhat.

They also bleach them for color and tumble them to round the edges.

I think it's all in the freshness. My parents grow their own fruit and vegetables which taste amazing. The ones you buy in the shop, having probably been left in cold storage for who knows how long, are dull and uninspiring in comparison.

I speculate that the varieties are different too. A carrot grown for a supermarket has to have properties that its home-grown cousin needn't, for instance a uniform size and shape to facilitate packaging, and not shrivelling after a week in storage. These probably win over taste when it comes to selecting the variety.

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