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Is it really that inconvenient to clean a carrot? Just peel it and eat it. I can peel a carrot quicker than most people can even decide what to have at a vending machine.

You're leaving out the bit where you find a knife and a cutting board, and then you wash the knife and the cutting board, and the bit where you throw away all the peel you cut off, and the bit where some of the peel winds up on the floor so you have to bend over and pick it up, and... wait, can't you just buy packaged prepeeled babby carrots anyway? They sell 'em at my local supermarket.

I can't tell if this is tongue-in-cheek or not, but I'll reply seriously anyway:

When I want a carrot I grab one out of the fridge, grab the peeler off of the counter, pull my compost box out from under the sink and peel it directly into the compost. Why would you need a cutting board?!

You don't need to peel carrots, really. They are nice to eat just like they are!

When I was young we used to pick carrots from the field and wash them in the irrigator before eating them, good times.

How about all the pesticides though?

Carrots are roots. Even if the plant has been sprayed, you're not eating the part of the plant that got sprayed.

if you have access to a knife

Don't you carry one with you?

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