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I wrote a driver for MongoDB in 2010, but then moved onto Neo4j in late 2013.

I liked Neo4j quite a bit, it could handle all the sensor/IoT data we could throw at it. Back then it had (and I'm sure still does) a beautiful interactive data visualization dashboard, great Cypher tutorials, and more.

Neo4j is a good database. I went to write a database driver for it, and found it extraordinarily difficult. I knew it would take at least a month of work to build.

At the same time really cool tools like Firebase were becoming popular, and Multi-Master database architecture with Cassandra and Riak were showcasing what high availability could do.

So I decided, rather than implementing the Neo4j driver, which I knew was bound to Neo4j's Master-Slave architecture, I would rather switch to Firebase or build my own mashup of all the tools I wanted:

- Firebase (realtime)

- Neo4j (graphs)

- Cassandra (multi-master / P2P)

- CouchDB (offline-first)

I spent a few weeks building a prototype and submitted it to HackerNews in early 2014. It was a huge success.

Since then, we've gotten 7.5K+ stars (https://github.com/amark/gun), raised venture capital money, and introduced decentralized cryptographically secure user blockchains, and a ton more.

Graph databases, to me, are so compelling, I have not only "used them again" but spent the last 3.5+ years of my life dedicated to building, improving, and making them more awesome.

I certainly hope others try them, even if it isn't GUN. They're worth a shot, but aren't a silver bullet, so use them where it makes sense.

Great pitch, I have been on the lookout for a proper offline-first realtime data connection with some kind of conflict resolution. It seems to me like such a natural combination of functions, but I haven't come across any tool that has it all yet. Will definitely check this out!

What’s gun, you mean gnu open source ?

Likely they're referring to https://github.com/amark/gun , which they refer to earlier. amark is Mark Nadal.

Thanks, yes (you and xumingmingv) are correct.

Hey, I noticed your nice resources in your profile - particularly Haidt. For my wife's PhD, she worked with Baumeister, a colleague of Haidt. Would love to hear more about your interest in civil discourse and other such things! Shoot me an email?


their project name is gun: https://github.com/amark/gun

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