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From what I can tell, Firebase Database and Functions are great. However, I used Expo and Firebase Storage for a React Native app I made for my wedding and they left a bad taste in my mouth. No file blob support in Expo (I know it's coming) meant that I had to base64 encode the file and send it up to a Firebase Function, which then stored it in Firebase Storage.

I thought it was over then, but it turns out you can't list the contents of a Firebase Storage bucket without the exact key to the file. The recommendation was to store that in Firebase Database when you persist the file. So I spent another 2 hours the day after my wedding scraping my images from Firebase Storage.

I ended up wasting days on what should have been simple photo upload functionality.

Granted, I could have avoided Expo or ejected the project, but at the time I wanted to stay on the Expo platform. I'm just surprised that Firebase Storage lacks basic functionality like listing the contents of a folder. It would also have been nice if it accepted base64 encoded files, to avoid having to use a Firebase Function to do the conversion.

TL;DR - tried Firebase for a mobile app recently, it was equal parts "wow, this is cool" and "wow, this is stupid"

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