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There are plenty of Electron killers in desktop, webdevs won't switch to Flutter.

Show me these killers. My requirements: 1. Multiplatform. 2. Easy to write in. 3. Fast. 4. Looks good.

Qt/QML fills all those bullets.

Curious that you mention fast, because it is something Electron definitely fails on.

Web apps are for my already installed browser.

Qt is not easy and it is not very pretty either. I mentioned fast because Electron killer has to be fast.

It is easier than HTML/CSS/JavaScript dependency hell and Frankenstein frameworks.

QML is as pretty as the design skills of the developer, just like CSS. And better because the full power of the graphics stack is available to the developer, down to pixel perfect graphics, unlike CSS where Houdini still isn't a thing.

Any native application is faster than a Electron based app. It is quite trivial to achieve.

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