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Different tomatoes taste quite different too. One brand which is great for pasta and pizza is Mutti. (I am unaffiliated, just a happy customer.)


Pretty much every blind taste test you'll find done in America of grocery store canned tomatoes has brands grown in California vastly outperforming imports.

Blind taste test of people near California?

Cooks Illustrated (subscription required) is based out of Boston, and they prefer the domestic brands:


Splendid Table is based out of Minnesota, I believe:


Epicurius picks an Indiana brand, with California brand Muir Glen at #2:


One of the issues is that supermarket imported Italian tomatoes tend to be packed in puree, not uncooked juices. If you're looking for fresh tomato flavor (and if you aren't, just buy crushed tomatoes), you want to buy an American brand that seals the cans at lower temps for longer times to keep the tomatoes fresh.

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