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If you say you have a beautiful, powerful, fast, full featured application development system then you need to be able to SHOW me, and its gotta knock me out in every possible way.

Nothing here at all for Flutter, just words.

Honestly, the best way to see the advantages of the toolset is to complete the "Get started" section of flutter.io.

I develop iOS, Android, Web and Mac apps, and I was honestly blown away by the quality of the intelliJ and VSCode plugins available for Flutter. In fact, they've kinda ruined me for other language SDKs now.

Granted, the lack of material, demos and discussions makes it difficult to tackle some problems, but that seems to be changing these days. It's hard NOT to enjoy coding in Flutter, though, and I think that end up being its biggest strength.

Well, Flutter has been at beta 1 for just over a week now. https://medium.com/flutter-io/announcing-flutter-beta-1-buil...

I can imagine they haven't had the time to flesh out docs yet.

I think Newsvoice (https://newsvoice.com/app) is written in flutter.

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