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I just went throught gitolite's readme, and I don't see any reason why a lone dev might want to use it, since it seems to be built for managing teams with access control needs.

Doing it manually for me just means (on the server):

      mkdir project_name
      cd project_name
      git init --bare
Hardy difficult.

I already have ssh keys set up from long back, so that's all I have to do really. Then I just add the remote repository on my local machine.

I avoid sysadmin work when possible - it's not something I enjoy spending time on.

Setting up gitolite is dead simple - setting up a git server manually manually might be 'simple' compared to other tasks, but it's still unnecessary work. Creating new repos is as simple as changing the config file and pushing it - no need to do anything on the server at all.

I see absolutely no reason TO do it manually, and that's the decider.

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