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Show HN: MyCryptoWiki – A free cryptocurrency coin wiki (mycryptowiki.com)
61 points by hienyimba 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 36 comments

Definitely agree there is a lack of easily accessible information on coins. I started putting together https://www.orc.press though my sense is that it's overly technical for most users.

What a coincidence we're actually working on similar things at the same time

Not much of a coincidence at all given how insane everyone went for blockchain lately.

I have been around Crypto since 2016. I am surprised no one has done this yet.

The Wikipedia cryptocurrency list and the pages that it links to are not bad.


How come Litecoin, which would be #5 by market capitalisation is missing? Yet many I've never heard of are included. Has some fan of an alternative deleted it or something?

Lol. Highly unlikely.

It would be awesome though if you help the community add Litecoin. That's why I made it a wiki. So anyone can add missing information. Crypto is so big now I definitely can't do it all.

Honestly curious as I only know of a few cryptocurrencies. - - Are there over 500 types of cryptocurrencies? - If so, can anything past top 5 even survive (long term, like a few years?) - Doesn't the increase in amount of coins dilutes its own value?

This is a common question. I suggest you think of it like stocks on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Does every IPO decrease the value of the already listed companies? Just as Comcast and Dish are both television distribution companies that manage to serve different markets, so to can different coins coexist. This is especially true when the coins have completely different objectives and are not just chasing the retail point of sale niche.

Thanks. That makes sense.

There are about 900 listed on Coinmarketcap cap right now or thereabouts. In total, it should be over 1500. If there is anything my research for this project has taught me, majority of the coins didn't need to do an ICO when all they were building were simple apps.

So no, I don't think the majority will survive (hence the need for this project) but the survivors will be so astonishing and will give amazing returns.

My impression is that as general currencies only a few will survive. Where it might blur is where the blockchain aspect is getting used over the currency aspect, and there one might think of it more as apps or exchanges of 'currency' or work tailored for specific markets. Still, I'm pretty skeptical as I think so far all the uses are more hype-supported than providing wide scale value, but that's balanced by a lot of people exploring a lot of possibilities.

There's more cryptocurrencies than circulating currencies now: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_circulating_currencies

After "two months of hard work" the Bitcoin page has only one paragraph?

That's why I made it a wiki. Cause I definitely can't get all the info myself. I figured a minimum text would suffice to get other contributions rolling...

I'd be interested if it also had pages for different technologies used by multiple cryptocurrencies.

E.g. : a page on PoW, a page on PoS (or possibly multiple pages for the different versions of PoS), any other similar mechanisms, ERC20, different styles of handling balances (e.g. Bitcoins UTXOs vs. Ethereum's using a merkle tree of balances), merkle trees in general, ways of doing anonymous transactions (e.g. Zksnarks and such), etc.

Edit: I mistakenly called ERC20 EIP20. I have corrected this.

Would you be so kind as to add them. Thanks. It's a community effort

Ah! Yes, I could try contributing some for that! I wasn't sure whether it fit with the intended design. If it does, then great!

Yes it does. The info can then be linked to in the Bitcoin page. Thanks

I'm amazed this doesn't already exist. But you're right there's no single source you can go to for a brief, unbiased description of even the top 50 tokens. If you can get the community going, I think this could be a big help.

Any plans to add live data?

If you want very brief, I made this Google doc that describes the top ~500 cryptocurrencies in 4 words or less:


Yesterday I ran across Nick Young’s visualization of 25 cryptocurrencies by creation date and use case https://imgur.com/YGwn9n9

Source: https://github.com/nickwb/cryptographic

Holy smokes – this is comprehensive.

Really nice. Missing filecoin?

Nice work. Tabs kept

Not at the moment. This is because that's the most freely available info right now in Crypto.

here is an infographic with the history of the popular blockchains by types


How are you going to stop it from becoming inundated with spam and scams?

It's built with the same software running Wikipedia, with adequate spam controls. However, the community is what I will rely on as the information affects all our pockets atm

> the information affects all our pockets atm

That's precisely the problem... people will do anything to try to manipulate their favorite cryptocurrency. It's going to be an uphill battle trying to keep this unbiased.

Don't undermine the power of hate in Crypto. A coin much loved is also much hated. People will do anything to keep it clean from shills.

Did you just installed some app at hosting and call that a wiki?

This is a really great start. I'd love to help.

Great! Thanks. You can start off by adding any coins you will like to see

Honestly? Good job. Also honestly? Why not Wikipedia?

Wikipedia's notability policy means that many cryptocurrencies don't get included, even some major ones. Even Bitcoin was deleted as not notable at one point.

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