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Show HN: I made a podcast featuring true stories about hackers and cyber crime (darknetdiaries.com)
55 points by xs 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

Just finished listening to the first one. Pretty good. Not too long, not too short with good description of how the hack works. Instead of just talking by yourself or with a guest, you made it into some sort of public radio story and aded sound effects to your stories. Thanks for sharing.

Listened to the first two and it's now on my quite varied pool of podcasts to listen to on my commute. Thanks!

I listen to a ton of podcasts and this one is really good. Nice work!

As a heavy listener of tech podcast, I have to say this one is really good.

Awesome! You should do one on the DAO hack!

I'll listen if you get interviews with Leopard boy, Finneas, or janit0r.

You a fed?


Great work. Looking forward to listening to more episodes.

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