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> This is why I'm happy to live in a country like France where the government takes part in deploying those infrastructures

Does that explain why France is so dramatically far behind the US on Internet speeds, and has been for the last 20 years? Ideally the US goes out of its way to not follow France's path on telecom.

As of Q1 2017:

US average speeds: 18.7 mbps

France average speeds: 10.8 mbps

To put France's figure into perspective, they rank toward the bottom in Europe, behind Russia, Hungary, Lithuania and Poland. They're #27 out of 31 nations ranked in Europe.

France also ranks near the bottom in Europe in % above 10 mbps, at just 31%. The US is at 67%.

And again France ranks near the bottom in Europe in % above 15 mbps, at just 18%. The US is at 48%.

The US is #10 globally when it comes to % over 25 mbps, with 21%. That category saw a one year increase of 65%..

The US ranks in the top 15 globally for highest percentage at 10 mbps, 15 mbps and 25 mbps.

France should be copying the US based on their persistently atrocious broadband figures. And that's with the US approach being subpar.


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