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"launching cars into space" is a reference to the recent launch of a Tesla into space.


I know that, but to the detriment of society?

Sometimes it feels like some folks will only be happy when life is completely hive-like, when there is nothing to differentiate anything from anything else, everything is grey, nothing is whimsical, and nobody can put their mark on the world.

I don't completely agree with this argument, but...

All of that money came from somewhere. Do you wonder why most of your local retailers went out of business, and you can't visit a local bookstore or camera shop anymore? It's related to why Jeff Bezos has so much money that he has nothing better to do than shoot stuff into space. Preferably, he will shoot bigger stuff farther than Elon Musk, Richard Branson, or Paul Allen.

It could also be used somewhere else. Is shooting suicidal volunteers at Mars really the best use of billions of dollars?

"the best use" is a horrible standard that leads to shaming 99.99% of charities for not being literal perfection.

Solving difficult engineering problems is usually good for the world.

If anything, shooting cars into space makes them spend money they have on people that dont have money and build the car.

Adam Smith directly says vanity is what took down feudalism. We surely dont want our billionaires to not even spend the money they have!

Please see "I don't completely agree with this argument..."

Printing money and setting it on fire would employ printers and firefighters. I'm not sure Billionaire Space Wars are a net harm to society, but they're pretty silly.

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