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There is probably a place in the world for both, but I would rather smaller, competitive companies, over encumbent monopolies and aggressive investment strategies (build a moat with money and watch everything else fail).

Puzzled why it came across as big vs small cos. Who's been the smaller competitive company out of Europe to take on incumbents? Skype? Dailymotion? Spotify? Blablacar? Seznam.cz? That's... it? Seems a bit underwhelming for 1/2 billion highly educated rich people with fast internet, no?

I just don't think it matters much that the rest of the world doesn't have massive, unicorn tech companies. I don't believe they are the unwavering innovators we make them out to be. They are amazing in their space, sure, but most tech companies aren't actually that big economically speaking.

Silicon Valley has been a playground for venture capitalists and their beneficiaries but I would wager that their influence, while wildly public and social, is only important inside it's bubble, and much of that influence has been frivolous, bought or self inflated. Does anyone really need Facebook or Twitter, or Hootsuite or Gmail? They have only existed for circa ten years each.

So I don't believe it's the beacon of social benefit or industrial power. It is certainly a beacon of wild capitalism, excitement and glamour. Whether that's a good thing or not is hotly debated, but a world without SV unicorns would move on just fine.

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