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I've been using VisiData for about nine months now, and have found it to be tremendously useful. These days, it's typically the first first tool I reach for when examining/exploring a new dataset.

In fact, I've been liking it so much that I wrote a tutorial for first-time users: https://jsvine.github.io/intro-to-visidata/

(Feedback very much welcome / appreciated.)

This is really great in helping me understand what I can do with it and how to do it.

The lightning talk is a really great sales pitch, but it's unclear how to actually replicate it. Another video of his, a recommended one after the lightning talk, again loses me a little and goes very fast. I could pause and try to understand... but it's not just about how to do it, but also about knowing that I should be looking to do certain things in the first place.

Your tutorial both gives a nice overview of what features exist, and explains very clearly how to do things. Thanks for taking the time!

One of the challenges with powerful tools is learning them. This is why many new people avoid things like Emacs, Vim, etc.

Some hand-holding and guiding is very welcome... so thanks!

>(That convention, like several others in VisiData, is borrowed from the vim text editor.)

Thats all I needed to hear.

Great work

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