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This is really cool on many different levels ! Those kids seem to have fun :).

Plus, it's somehow satisfying that the story is being told on a old-fashion (what am I writing) blog. I strongly believe it wouldn't have been as structured, as accessible if it had been told through instagram or facebook (too much noise, not enough authenticity (this is the media guy in me talking).

The gallery works, the text works... there is no noise on the page.

Ha, thanks! (I'm the author of the post.) It's funny, I don't post to my personal blog much anymore - started it in 2007 on Blogger, and so it's definitely old-school. (Plus, I have a column at Forbes, so I tend to post most of my writing there.)

You are one awesome mom! (See my other post on this page for a description of my wife and my experience raising our kids.) Thanks for sharing the story :)

Thanks for doing such a wonderful project with your kids, and writing it up so well! I just emailed this post a a bunch of friends who have kids, in the hopes that they'll be inspired :)

I would love to see Forbes print an adaption of this work. Encouraging STEM is really important, so thanks for the great idea!

I agree 100% with your "old-fashioned blog" comment! The ability to incorporate photos and text together, in a sensible layout, with a URL that is permanent/human-readable (at least relative to social media URLs), and on a site that doesn't require log-in and doesn't throw 10,000 other distractions at you simultaneously––it's really frustrating that that's going away.

I am hoping it is not that blogs are going away, just that the growth of social media is dramatically outpacing it.

I don't have any data but I wonder if the amount of independent blogs is quietly and slowly growing. Maybe it is just my wishful thinking-they really are a great internet medium.

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