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Excellent book, but no one is going to read an entire book on Lisp unless they're already interested in the language.

What I mean by "articulate the benefits" is a short explanation for the unique benefits of Lisp that a non-Lisper can digest. That's what I tried to do in this article by trying to show a tangible example of an embedded DSL.

PG's post "Beating the Averages" is a better example, but its argument is more based on authority than clearly communicating the tangible reason why macros are so useful. That said, PG's posts are what got me interested in Lisp in the first place, but I didn't fully understand the benefits of Lisp until I started using it heavily.

There are many many many blog posts, short essays, long essays, old usenet posts, mailing list rants, you name it that are about 'the benefits of Lisp'. Now, you may not have found one that was very clear to you and that's fair enough. But to say they 'end in futility' is really pretty presumptuous.

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