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Their advertisement. It's an implicit promise.

Yes, some people go because they want to expand their horizons, learn more about the world, network, make friends. However most people go to be able to eventually get a job.

Exactly, which is very interesting. The number of schools that call themselves "Liberal Arts" schools is fascinating, especially considering that their focus is very opposite in that it is very much vocation/job preparation related, rather than liberal. The goals of liberal arts education is to create "free" people - educating people to become more introspective and understand the complexities of the world we live in, understand their role and responsibilities in society, and have clear understanding of ethics and morality in everything.

I attended a supposed liberal arts school and was NEVER informed of such goals or anything in the proximity. In addition, never did I feel that my schooling was geared towards or assisted in much of that.

> Their advertisement. It's an implicit promise.

Interesting you say that. Around here, the for-profit colleges and cook schools and whatnot all have fine print in their TV ads that say "XYZ School does not guarantee a job or job placement."

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