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Definitely agree. I wouldn't even call the angular thing a transition, since it basically threw everything out. It should've really been called something else.

There's also big examples like Perl 6 and Python 3.

IMO, you can make breaking changes as long as it's done gradually and you provide a clear migration path. After experiencing React's strategy [0] for a few years, I'd say it's become my gold standard for how breaking changes should be made.

[0] https://reactjs.org/docs/design-principles.html#stability

Eh, python 3 wasn't really fundamentally different from 2, it just had some breaking changes and aside from that was an upgrade.

The React team seems that they put a lot of forethought into keeping the API and core stable. I was super impressed at the core rewrite that integrated the fiber architecture. The console warnings are a nice nod to good developer ergonomics.

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