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A Better Programming Language (mdmstudios.wordpress.com)
2 points by MDMStudios on Aug 31, 2010 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

...python? Or ruby?

I disagree with his criteria, however. "An extremely good preprocessor" isn't necessary for every compiler/interpreter. Also, OOP isn't necessarily a requirement in modern languages -- there are other ways of doing things. (Go isn't OOP)

(I personally think Haskell should be the "better programming language," but mostly due to religious biases)

Python and ruby give you nothing in terms of direct memory manipulation. I read this as a request for a cleaner, more beautiful C. I sort of like that idea, but I actually think C is wonderful and it doesn't need to be cleaned up (maybe a couple things like safe macros).

The one thing I can't fix in my head is how to do pointers and real, full-control memory manipulation (and all the fantastic benefits associated with that) and include closures and anonymous functions at the same time (which I think would be the most important addition to C).

I agree with you though, that a preprocessor isn't necessary for a good language, in fact, the only reason CPP exists is because C isn't good enough by itself. A LISP-like macro system in C would be fantastic, but what it would really mean and look like, I can't quite imagine.

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