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If most places only care about experience, then some sort of apprenticeship or internship programs should spring up by themselves. These are now done through partnerships between universities and companies, but is there really any value added by the university here?

Or, another possibility is that the degree only serves as a "necessary but not sufficient" marker. It increases the probability that you know your stuff, but only the first couple of jobs confirm that you learned anything. In which case yeah, selling your degree back to them would be bad.

Oh, these kinds of programs are starting to show up. But they still hand you a degree which is accredited in some way. For example, Neumont University is kind of like this. Its basically a University giving you a 4 year BS degree in 2 years. With a complete focus on coding, database design, architecture and processes. Its an interesting middle ground. But education acceleration comes at a price.

Unfortunately it is hard to just come out with an 'apprenticeship or internship' only type program today. You do still have people that want to see that nice piece of paper at first.

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