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Great non-linkable comment on the Examiner article discussed: "if you want a degree - go to the University. If you want an education - go to the library"

So odd. Even when I found the permalink to that comment ( http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columns/Sunday_Ref... ) it still didn't take me (in Chrome dev build, at least) directly to the comment.

Technical explanation: The Disqus comments don't load until a second or two after the permalink's anchor jump (#comment-55003614) is attempted by the browser. So when the browser tries to jump to the comment, the comment isn't there yet.

It's an unfortunate side-effect. I wonder if Disqus could circumvent this by using a hashchange-type trick (referencing Ben Alman's BBQ jQuery addon).

And with the Internet the world's greatest library now has an annex in every home, office, vehicle or pocket with a sub-$500 device in it.

I don't know that the internet is the world's greatest library yet. In 5-10 years, when Google and Amazon have scanned every book in the world, maybe.

If Google and Amazon scan every book in the world, do you think they'll let you have the result for free?

How about we properly fund the public library system to do its job of maximally disseminating knowledge, which it can most cost-effectively achieve by buying those scans from Google or Amazon?

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