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I used to have a Geocities containing weird bad poetry I wrote when I was a teenager.

I forgot about it, until years later I stumbled upon it again. I was embarrassed. I asked Yahoo to delete it.

But I'd forgotten the password, and I'd used fake personal details (wrong date of birth) to create the account, and I couldn't remember what the fake info was, so they refused to delete it because I couldn't verify that I was who I said I was.

What do I do? I hit on a solution. I decided to DMCA myself.

I sent Yahoo a DMCA takedown request for my old Geocities, and straight away it disappeared. Mission accomplished.

So they trusted that whatever was posted on the site was yours, but wouldn't believe the site was yours, crazy.

DMCA takedown process is specifically created so that hosting providers don't need to verify any claims in the notice, they only need to take the content down and notify the user who published it, so that the user could provide a counter-notice (in which case, they bring the content back up).

This needs to be a HN post of itself. Hello, people who reactively write blog posts for topical HN discussions, hello?

Have any details on that? There is a site on the net that has some of my teen prose. Really bad. Really, bad.

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