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The point wasn't to make it not look like Clojure, the point was to express querying constructs in a way that's natural to the language. This isn't impossible in any language and is actually fairly common within the domain (e.g. SQLAlchemy for Python works similarly though operator overloading).

The point he's trying to make is that the default way of doing things in a lisp is to adjust the language constructs to fit the domain of the problem. This (generally) results in a simpler mental model of the problem domain and less code. It's not a about being ABLE to do it. You can do something similar in most languages, but there it's just not as easy, not the default, and not as flexible.

You might be right, but if so it sounds like the talk of Linq, and syntax, and 'DSL's served to obscure his actual point, which is a shame.

Guys, honestly, downvote if it makes you feel better.

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