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Grape | JavaScript/React Frontend Lead Developer | Vienna, Austria | ONSITE, REMOTE, VISA | Full time | € 50k-70k p.a. + equity

Grape is an enterprise messenger, targeting customers with 3000+ employees mainly in Europe.

We are looking for a senior JavaScript software engineer with React experience. You’ll work closely with all different team members at Grape to speed up our front-end development to build new features and products. You will be shipping code to thousands of active users every day. You will lead a team of two people (you and another frontend engineer) and make all decision regarding the web-client.

We value high code quality in terms of readability, reusability and maintainabilty the same way we value speed and efficiency of development. We prefer composition over inheritance, functional over object oriented.

Frontend Stack: Babel (ES2015, stage-0), Webpack, React, Redux, Electron, JSS, react-virtualized

We prefer applications from people who are willing to relocate to Vienna. The first months can be done remotely. Remote working days are no problem, we allow a lot of flexibility if you need it (e.g. kids) in a addition to all the benefits that you get by living in Austria (low crime rate, employee protection laws, healthcare, paid paternity leave, ...). We help with Visa and relocation.

More details on the job: https://www.chatgrape.com/jobs/senior-front-end-engineer/

Interested? Write us a mail to jobs AT chatgrape.com with a brief text about you, a picture of a rhinoceros, a CV and links to previous projects and GitHub accounts.

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