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Loom Network | Go Backend Developer - Blockchain | Bangkok | Remote | https://loomx.io

Loom Network (TechStars Winter '18) makers of Cryptozombies https://cryptozombies.io is looking for Senior backend Go developers. We are building blockchain infrastructure software in Go. This is high performance distributed programming, knowledge of things like Raft, Consensus or Blockchain tech is ideal. Any experience with Solidity is a bonus.

We don't write white papers we ship products. Join a team thats spread out across the world, with offices in Bangkok, Pune and soon to be Osaka.

Loom Network builds core blockchain technology that allows other companies to build games, or social apps on the blockchain.

Send your GitHub and Resume to hiring@loomx.io

I'd like to thank you for your products too! I use cryptozombies to teach 3 of my siblings to code in the blockchain.

Thanks for all the awesome tools and tutorials ! btw super excited for your side-chain :D

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