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Show HN: Shiori – Simple self hosted bookmarks manager (github.com)
120 points by acrophobic 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 45 comments

Hoping you don't mind a little shameless plug here, I'd like to talk about likedb: https://github.com/kozmos/likedb

It's a bookmarking database that keeps a copy of all your bookmarks in your computer, but automatically syncs to your other devices. Similar to what Chrome and Safari do between your desktop and mobile devices.

Although it's built particularly for Kozmos (getkozmos.com), you can build a service that syncs with that.

P.S If you'd like to build an import manager, you can use Kozmos' parsing library; https://github.com/kozmos/bookmark-backup-parser

Is it really necessary to hijack others "Show HN"? These types of posts should be banned.

I think the opposite - until an hour ago I wasn't aware this category of software even existed. As soon as I learned of it, first thing I wanted to know is what else is out there that solves the same problem and how they compare.

Some projects help you with this by featuring a quick rundown of similar software on their website/repository readme along with links to the repositories. I always appreciate that.

Then create a separate Show HN for it? There's no reason to mention your competing product in someones thread, other than to advertise for it.

But then they are two unrelated posts with two separate discussions. The whole point is that they are related and in the same discussion. It's more simple this way.

I mean if they are unrelated, shouldn't they have separate discussions?

It's on the same topic. You can do a comparison and the creators could even discuss challenges and different approaches. And users get the best overview. I thought that was the point of this site.

I have no problem with piggybacking either. I come to this site for discussion and debate, not product advertising. I'm all for people showing of their ideas and projects, but it should be in the spirit of learning or discussion, not just product shilling.

I specifacally read ShowHN for EXACTLY these comments. HN community is always fantastic at providing alternate approaches.

Yeah, I think it's pretty annoying. For example, this is now the top comment and hijacks actual discussion on the OP's work. Feels inappropriate for a Show HN.

Let's say there's a dominant contender in this space that always blows any Show HN out of the water. So what? That should be a different post. If we're going to see ourselves as a group of hackers, then we should be able to talk about each other's standalone work. It's just become super corny when these threads are used as marketing for other projects.

This is where people working on similar ideas can get together and chat, right ?

Let's cut through the nonsense here, you're advertising your product in someone else's post, and successfully became the top comment in doing so. Thus diverting any other discussion on the authors work, to only yours. I'm all for good discussions, that's why HN is my only forum I participate in, but doing this, in my opinion, sucks.

Yeah, now all the top top-level comments are plugs. This is ridiculous.

Someone else's Show HN should not be an avenue for marketing your project, plain and simple. Maybe people will start organically talking/comparing to a competitor, but even that is different from the ol "hey everyone, here's my alternative!" which is just sheepish.

Time to leave the theater so other people can enjoy the show.

My main annoyance about this is that we're now discussing about the mentioning of another product instead of the other product itself.

I think you are in wrong website. This is where people build and share with eachother. I shared links of two open source projects that can help this product, too. Obviously you are not an active contributor to the community, so you take see it differently.

Do any of these bookmark archivers integrate with youtube-dl to keep copies of videos for supported sites? I especially can't stand 404s with those. I mean fuck, my best youtube playlists are littered with "[Deleted Video]" entries and I don't even have the title to figure out where to find a copy.

>Where possible, by default shiori will download a static copy of the webpage in simple text and HTML format, which later can be used as offline archive for that page.

This is the killer feature I've always been missing from so many bookmark managers.

Atm I use Shaarli but I want to preserve my bookmarks as they are now for the future.

I will definitely look into improving the archiving feature through pull requests.

What it seems to be missing is an addon or bookmarklet to quickly bookmark pages from the active browser tab and now way to import large collections into the database.

I'll test it out to see if the database can handle my bookmark collection (which should be approaching about 7000 links by now)

Also have a look at Crestify[0]. It doesn't store local copies of the bookmarks, but instead archives them to Archive.org and Archive.today. It is open source and PRs are welcome.

[0] https://github.com/crestify/crestify

Slightly OT, but I'm looking for a bookmark manager to actually manage my current bookmarks. I'm using Firefox and I'm currently up to about 1000 bookmarks, organized in a couple of directories. But I'd like to have UI that can tag them, automatically sort by domain and more. The Firefox Bookmark Manager is not good enough when you have a lot of bookmarks.

Is there any tool out there? I don't want to export the bookmarks from Firefox but something that I can use from Firefox or import into Firefox again after organizing.

Full disclosure to start with, I work for the company building this.

We launched the latest version of Gurn (https://gurn.io) a few months back, it does bookmarks a little differently though. You assign keywords to your URLs, can collect multiple URLs under a single keyword, and sort them into lists. You can then invite others to collaborate on those lists.

You can then navigate to them directly through the browser bar. We currently support chrome and firefox with IE, Edge, and Safari all being worked on at the moment.

It's aimed mostly at teams but works really well individuals as well. I'm building the thing so take this with a pinch of salt, but I couldn't live without it now.

Thanks for the reply, I'll check it out.

Just a FYI: your certificate for www.gurn.io does not work on gurn.io, so when you link gurn.io, I'm getting a "invalid certificate" error.

Edit: just created an account and I can't find where the import for bookmarks are? I've installed the browser extension as well, but no import actions available there either.

Your https fails for me, just fyi. (error pops up saying the connection is not private)

We've fixed this now, thanks for letting us know!

https://www.gurn.io/ works but https://gurn.io/ still gives me an error.

> gurn.io uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for www.gurn.io Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

Does someone know how it compares to Wallabag[0] ?

[0] https://wallabag.org/en

Someone should make some sort of web service for collecting and organizing links.

I'm a big fan of Pinboard, personally. It's super cheap and the creator is committed to never selling off my data (obviously there's an element of trust there, but then again, all web services involve an element of trust). Oh, and the $25/year plan offers link archival too.

I have been using Bookmark OS for some time now and really like it https://bookmarkos.com

A little plug: I have integrated bookmarking with my open source personal knowledge base https://knowfox.com so I can annotate and refer to bookmarks. Bookmarked pages are run through https://mercury.postlight.com/web-parser/ to save the gist with the bookmark.

>> Intended as a simple clone of Pocket

Finally, been waiting for so long for this. You have to pay premium to search with the tags....seriously

There is also https://wallabag.org which is selfhostable and somewhat popular.

I use Instapaper for not just "read later" feature but as bookmarking too to later refer it. It has single level folders for organizing. Searched can be done on page title or cached copy of page.

As your solution is self hosted, it is good. Wish I knew Go tools to use it.

> Wish I knew Go tools to use it.

What do you mean?

I meant I don't have any experience with Go setup, tools and stuff since it is made with Go.

Well with Go, you don't need them if all you want is to run the project. Go produces binaries, so you just download the binary from somewhere - No Go needed. In this case, iirc he was releasing binaries on the GitHub page.

You only need Go if you're wanting to develop on the project, or if the developer never released binaries.

go get github.com/RadhiFadlillah/go-readability

Looks promising. However, I really need a way to browse my bookmarks vs. searching them. Maybe that'll be added in a later update?

I have used sitebar in the past, will probably start using it again.


Seems like a more powerful replacement for the nextcloud bookmarks app which I use. But a bookmarklet would really ease the workflow.

This looks great, building and running it seems straightforward. Helm chart or K8s deployment.yaml template would be handy too :)

Looks very cool.

Any plans for a browser integration/plugin? I save a lot of bookmarks, sometimes even multiple at once (with tree style tab).

Yeah, I have plan to create add on for Chrome and Firefox. The rest API for saving bookmarks is already there, so I think it should be easy enough to do.

I just love the clean look of this. Looks like a labour of love for a personal tool. Nice feature, downloading the full HTML.

Thank you very much.

To clarify, it won't download the full HTML, only the content part of the webpage. It works by using go-readability[0], which strips unnecessary elements from a webpage.

[0] https://github.com/RadhiFadlillah/go-readability/

It would be nice if it were able to import (or sync some bookmarks with some tag etc.) with pocket.

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