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Show HN: Buy Me A Coffee – A free, fast and friendly way to receive donations (buymeacoffee.com)
331 points by josephsunny 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 369 comments

Looks good. Few notes:

1. During sign up, I'm super confused why you have to set up anything related to payout before setting up your coffee page -- this is inverted to the way it should be. Get them the page as soon as possible and let them share and accept donations, then IF (big if, I bet the median amount raised is $0) they have a literal financial incentive to set up their friction-filled payout form process. If you're too worried about things going viral, then set a limit (e.g., if after $600 raised they don't have payout set up, e-mail them saying the page will stop being public until they set up payout).

2. You should curate your "creators we love" page. I hit explore and found a softcore instagram BDSM model as the first hit, and a page with a lot of comments about foot fetishes. Probably not the content you want to call out as one of the companies favorites. I would actually look at all the ones you rotate on that page and make sure they are on brand.

There are some tactical things (eg, the dropdown for country should have USA at the top, assuming thats where most of your users are) but those micro optimizations won't matter if you just re-arrange the info gathering to after the delivery of value.

#1 is will going to totally change your funnel in an important way -- I'd try it out!

Good luck!

> Dropdown for country should have USA at the top.

Better, have it in regular order but pre-select with geolocation. If you use something like freegeoip.net you can progressively-enhance this with a couple of lines of JS.

Quick update: We've pushed this feature live. Thanks!

First off, thanks for such a comprehensive feedback!

1. You can skip that page in one-click; but I get your point. We decided to do this to avoid any confusion for new creators; especially when the whole point of the platform is to receive payments. Creators usually spend no more than a minute to sign up, so we never thought it'd be an issue. Thanks for pointing this out :)

2. Good point. Featured section is currently rotated on a daily basis based on activity and other factors (such as page views). Hope manual curation will solve this.

Thanks a lot!

No problem, happy to help. Feel free to email me directly (email in HN profile) if you want more thoughts at a later date, I enjoy giving feedback on new projects.

I missed the "skip" button, but I think you get the underlying point. You'll want to accelerate the "magic moment" as much as possible, which is the moment your users grok the value your service provides (and you'll see this in your data as you look at user retention rates for the cohort that hit this moment in your funnel vs. those that did not). You should try to figure out what this is, then obsessively try to remove as much friction as possible to getting to that point.

My guess is that for you it's either a) seeing your coffee page; or b) getting your first coffee donation (probably the second). Either way, remove as much setup as possible to create the coffee page, sharing it to their network, and get money coming in the door.


Spot on. I'm sure it'll have a positive impact on conversions.

BTW we'd love to hear more from you. Email is on its way :)

> There are some tactical things (eg, the dropdown for country should have USA at the top,

Just do it alphabetically and perhaps provide a search-based dropdown function. Damn patriots.

The advice would apply to any country. It makes sense to have defaults that are applicable to most of your users.

Since this is HN: sniff the Accept-Language perhaps, and guess from that; but please do keep the alphabetic list as well, in case you guess wrong.

This kind of feedback I really love to see in Show HN. It's very well thought out, and has some clear take aways to action on.

Very true!

Well said.

A couple of my own observations...

1. The summertext text area doesn't like brackets. I tried to leave a "<3 Open-Source" at the bottom of my summary and it gets changed to "<3>" everytime.

2. Center-justified profile text feels kinda wierd. At 1080p I feel there is too much negative space around the summary text. Perhaps a little wider on the text, left-justify, and then center the div containing the text.

3. Maybe you could add a user photo gallery section where users can upload images and/or files related to whatever they're looking for donations on?

Thanks for taking time to share feedback, @zelon88!

1 & 2. Noted. We'll look into this right away.

3. This is already on our roadmap. Going live soon :)


I feel this is unintentionally going to the lowest end of this space with the whole "buy me a coffee" message and brand.

I run a site which is 100% monetized through voluntary donations and I would never use language like buy me a beer/buy me a coffee for it. It feels like you are marginalizing your work to the hobby/side-project realm with low expectations. We strive for $40 a year as a target donation from those who use our site, which is a lot more than a coffee.

I'm sorry you feel that way, but I disagree. Creators, charities and public figures of all sizes and type use BuyMeACoffee to receive support.

William LeGate, an activist (#boycottNRA) used BuyMeACoffee just yesterday to raise $2500 in less than an hour: https://twitter.com/williamlegate/status/968630079285686273

It exceeded all his expectations, and I think the branding and it's friendly tone went a long way in achieving it.

Right, not every product needs to satisfy the needs of everyone. This kind of messaging works well to get get small amounts out of a lot of people.

there's a difference between getting people to say _right now i need you all to "buy me a coffee"_ and getting the same people to buy you a coffee on a repeated basis.

I need help now != support my ongoing work on x

my point being, that it's irrelevant that William got $2500 fast. the question is how many people on the platform have been able to earn anything more than just a random occasional tip on it? Is anyone getting even "poverty level" worth of donations (~12k in the US because our gov't has no concept of how much things cost).

You'll be surprised.

Meet Jo Qatana. A small-time embroidery artist who's making ends meet with BuyMeACoffee. She's one such creator who's receiving donations from her audience on a regular basis.

"Thanks to the Generosity of Strangers, and Friends, I've made a car insurance payment and can finally buy the supplies I need for my @PPact fundraising item. I am So Very Grateful." - https://twitter.com/joqatana/status/951943659301187584

'Buy Me A Coffee' is just a friendly way to ask for support, and do not suggest the size or consistency of support one could receive. Contributions very well depend on one's audience and creativity.

I'm a bit late to the party, I just wanted to say how much more appealing this type of donation request is vs wikipedia's extreme guilt trip of "if 1% of people who viewed this page in the next 5 minutes donated a dollar, [..]"

Now that's what I call caffeine overdose!

Haha, he sure got his audience worried: https://twitter.com/williamlegate/status/968635631596269569


Um, okay... But a lot of people do things without the expectation of ever being paid for it. Dropping something like this at the bottom of a page, or a newsletter, or a blog is really just a bonus.

Just because you look for a relatively noticeable financial contribution from your users doesn't mean everyone does. Not everyone has to fit into the target audience for every product...

100% agreed. I'd never use this type of donation service because it doesn't seem serious enough. The artist that side has to ask people to "buy me a coffee" is not the kind of artist that takes it seriously, and, say, uses art station and has a complete portfolio. "Buy me a coffee" just sounds unproffesional.

When I first saw this in tumblr, I thought: "I wouldn't want to be the artist that needs charity to survive". It's like Patreon without responsabilities or commitment...It just feels childish.

That said, I'm talking about artists only here.

I get your point, but BuyMeACoffee is more than just a tipping platform. Creators can reward their supporters, showcase supporter comments (which is often more rewarding than the money itself) and much more.

MrDots is a game developer who gives away game codes to supporters. He raised $1300 within a day after sharing it with his audience: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Zc2ryTOpw. This is just one of many use-cases where BMC can be used effectively :)

> I get your point, but BuyMeACoffee is more than just a tipping platform. Creators can reward their supporters, showcase supporter comments (which is often more rewarding than the money itself) and much more.

maybe you're right, but the home page certainly doesn't convey that. It's "A free, fast and friendly way to accept donations" ... doesn't mention anything about rewarding supporters, showcasing comments, or anything like that.

You're right. We'll be sure to improve our copy and messaging to highlight these features.

I don't really understand the point - in most interpretations of artist I've come to find, the creation of the art is detached from the financial reward, thus it neither contributes to or detracts from the artist's worth how/how much they take as contributions?

I heavily disagree with your sentiment.

There's a huge difference between using something for free, and paying for it, however small an amount it was.

To myself, I often justify paying for something I can otherwise have for free (or not have at all, especially if it's supporting a campaign) by thinking "I would not think twice if I were to get a cup of coffee for this amount. So instead of buying a coffee for myself, I'll send $5 towards ____".

Another aspect of this branding it that it reminds people that there are are actual, real people behind the things they enjoy, be it art, software, or political activism. That their money, no matter how small, will go towards an actual person and can have an actual, tangible benefit to that person.

"Give me money so I can support myself" is a scary message - I certainly don't to take on that burden, and I'd automatically think: how much difference $4 would make on the scale of paying rent?

"Buy me a coffee", on the other hand, makes the contributor feel that that their contribution is both personal and tangible. Sending $4 will, in fact, allow the recipient to buy a cup of coffee.

Additionally, this makes the contribution focus on the positive impact, rather than the negative impact due to lack of contributions.

It's the same reason why some homeless people in SF have signs saying "I won't lie, it's for beer" -- because for a lot of people, it's much more pleasant to throw a buck for a beer and know that it's their guilt-free choice to do so than to be guilted into doing it.

In short, why so serious - literally? And kudos to the people who make parting with money a happier, easier experience.

I'd buy them a coffee.

Going after the low end can be a good strategy, since the established competition usually ignores that market segment. Speaking as someone who might be in that low end demographic (a musician looking for tips), I like the branding, since it makes donation seem more intimate, more casual than "patron."

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that Patreon has tons of existing users. I'd imagine there's a lot less friction to adding a pledge to a new person if you're already on the platform and they have your payment info, than if you need to ask them to sign up for a new platform which they might not have heard of before.

40/y divided by twelve months is 3.33. They’re pretty much paying for a half a coffee every month in one lump sum.

My thoughts exactly.

Just because somebody is paying the amount of a coffee, that doesn't mean they're marginalizing your efforts. It just means we've reached a point in our technology where now paying barely anything is possible across a large number of people.

Also "buy me a coffee" is much more palatable than "help pay for my house". If you say "help pay my rent" people might feel cheap for giving you $4/mo and choose to give zero

Very valid point.

"Remember the milk" managed to overcome this, but cockroachdb might not. Either way, it's a good point.

That said, (a) one $4 latte once per month is $48/year, and (b) maybe the intent is to emphasize a casual, small-dollar vibe, making it less intimidating than something that conjures "accounting" and "finance"?

From the OSS community if I'm making a public repo anyway I'd be happy to have someone buy me a coffee if they found my code useful.

Well, a double organic whipped cream soy milk slightly frozen latte with Chilean beans from Starbucks is around that price tag.

Interested on implementing it myself for a project. I would really appreciate if you could share some numbers. How many donating (% from visitors), avg amount etc. Any stats would help. Thank you.

What approach do you take? I'd be interested in knowing b/c I often have ideas that might benefit from that funding model and I usually wind up thinking "nah, that could never work".

I spend a lot more than $40 a year on coffee..

Sure, but it's great for low-profile projects.

It makes it easier to ask for support.

Not everything is made to receive $40 annually. With $40 annually you must be rolling in the cash and I should start taking serious financial advice from you. What's your secret? "for the price of one starbucks a month?"

Some people use buy me a coffee, literally to show that they are s-o-c-i-a-l and want to meet for a c-o-f-f-e-e, whether over the wire or over the table.

I signed up, and it looks good. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/BoothJunkie

My feedback:

I've been using paypal.me, and the ability to change the donation at the URL has been incredibly helpful towards getting patrons to choose an amount that suits them. I suggest $X but they are free to change, and it's super easy. Often patrons up the number and I get more donations. I'm not convinced the multiplier buttons do the same thing.

Further that URL bit allows me to suggest different donation amounts to different patrons. If I offer someone tech support I might sent a link with /10 or /20 at the end, others who I just answer a quick question might get a /2 at the end. It allows me to suggest amounts on the fly based on our relationship.

But on BMC, I see that I have to pre-guess a donation amount and run the risk of alienating donor with an amount that's too high (they don't donate), or leaving money on the table by choosing too low. I've definitely had donors give more than 5X my suggestion.

Giving the donor agency in selecting an amount may help in gaining more overall donation.

Are you the Mike DelGaudio who contributes to the NoSleep Podcast?! If so, I've listened to your voice acting for hundreds of hours... HN never ceases to amaze me for bringing dialogue from people you would never expect to run in to.

But on topic, I agree with your feedback. I run a volunteer video game project with about 8000 users who are pretty active and also come from a huge variety of economic situations. Right now I don't ask for donations but I've been considering the best way to do it without it in any way appearing to be a fee or charge for the project. I've considered using paypal.me and really like the URL based system for donation amounts. I love the idea of BMC because it targets exactly what I want to express--give something back but you aren't buying a product or special treatment.

> Are you the Mike DelGaudio who contributes to the NoSleep Podcast?

I am! Thank you so much for listening! It's such a blast to do!

First off, welcome to BuyMeACoffee! Had a quick look at your Youtube and it looks great. Youtubers make up a good part of BuyMeACoffee, and it's good to have you on board - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qPlHUpuWIQ

Thanks for the feedback. It is a neat idea. I'll bring this up in our next brainstorming session. BTW the multiplier buttons are working quite well for BMC; a vast majority of the donations are three coffees or more.

Also, there's an option to choose the 'per coffee amount' between $3, $4 or $5. Although I don't think that's what you're looking for here.

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. Cheers!

As someone who on occasion buys stuff on Bandcamp, having a custom amount option is a must, and multiplier is useless.

Thanks for making me aware of paypal.me! That's a very neat service.

If anyone would like a similar self-hosted/FOSS option, I wrote this:


I use it here:


Another instance in the wild:


I'm sorry but this is so clearly a much better step in the right direction. As slick as the 'buy me a coffee' site is and as nice as Patreon is, I can't help shake the feeling that it's only a matter of time before the company goes under, or they sell my data, or they engage in other shady shenanigans.

I would trust a 'buy me a coffee' site so much more if it were managed by somone like Sir_Cmpwn with a FOSS backed system. I wish we would start moving more towards FOSS infrastructure.

Why FOSS isn't the norm, especially for systems dealing with money, is beyond me.

BuyMeACoffee.com co-founder here. BMC is a friendly way for creators (bloggers, artists, developers) to receive donations from their audience.

We have seen the platform used in ways we never imagined. William LeGate, an activist (boycottNRA) used BuyMeACoffee just yesterday to raise $2500 in less than an hour: https://twitter.com/williamlegate/status/968630079285686273

Check out some 'Buy Me A Coffee' pages:




- Exclusive content: Publish supporter-only content on your BuyMeACoffee page to encourage more donations.

– Multiple payment/payout options: Paypal and Stripe (direct bank transfer).

– One-click payment for supporters.

– Showcase your goals and comments left by other supporters.

– Beautiful (and customizable) 'Buy me a coffee' button to embed on websites + Wordpress plugin with widgets and stats (https://wordpress.org/plugins/buymeacoffee/).

– Domain name. They say the domain speaks for itself ;)

– In the pipeline: Cryptocurrency Wix and Weebly plugin, more payment options (Bitcoin, Apple Pay, Android Pay), referral program and much more.

We are waiving the 5% platform fee for HN users for LIFETIME! We'd also love to be your first supporter. Tweet (https://twitter.com/TheBuyMeACoffee) or reply here with your beautiful ‘Buy Me A Coffee’ link (takes less than a minute to set up) to claim it.

Let us know what you think :) Cheers!

> We are waiving the 5% platform fee for HN users for LIFETIME!

You're crazy :) But ok! https://buymeacoff.ee/jleclanche


1. My avatar wasn't picked up from Facebook, nor Gravatar. My email wasn't either. I think it's OK for you to request these from Facebook.

2. Recommended payout method was "Stripe" for me even though it was disabled due to not being available in my country.

3. Add an optional "Tell us why" textbox when I click "Delete my account". Seriously, do this early. :)

4. I see you are using Stripe Checkout.js for payment methods. Switch to Stripe Elements (https://stripe.com/elements) and the Source API to get the option to support a range of other payment methods as well as 3d secure and such.

5. What's your stack?

> Recommended payout method was "Stripe" for me even though it was disabled due to not being available in my country.

This is a good catch! The problem though is BMC will now have to keep the country data updated from Stripe, unless Stripe provides it over their API

I meant during onboarding, Stripe was showing up as both disabled and recommended.

Also created a page: https://buymeacoff.ee/steppschuh

I'd wish for a higher maximum word count in the Thank You message section.

Noted. Welcome to BMC, Steppschuh!

These are some very insightful suggestions, @scrollaway!

1-4 – Added to trello. Many thanks!


BTW please choose a payout method to make your page public. Waiting to buy your first coffee :)


> 5. LAMP

MySQL+PHP? Any framework in particular? Just curious

> BTW please choose a payout method to make your page public

Sure, done.

Maybe I'm missing it on the pages but it this seems somewhat important for a company that handles money - there's no mention of who or where you are, who the principals are, etc. The terms seem a little slapdash, there's a bit about being 'partnered with Stripe' (are you? or does that just mean you use Stripe for processing?).

FWIW it's not legal to operate a website in the EU for a business (including sole-traders) without having a bricks-and-mortar address given.

This http://www.ukwda.org/blog/is-your-website-legal is for UK, but cites the EU legislation.

I wonder how these sites work with EU "value added tax" regulations, a couple of years ago new rules came in that need fastidious record keeping - whilst this is "donations" it seems it might be considered "voluntary payments for goods/services" which presumably attract tax confusions?

Yes, we are using Stripe to process payments. We also used Stripe Atlas to incorporate. We are not partnered with them in any other way. Sorry if the copy is misleading, we'll correct it.

The broader thing is probably more important. You are handling money on behalf of other people, right? That should involve a general air of clarity transparency throughout otherwise you end up looking (perhaps totally unintentionally and unwittingly) like a scam. Namelessness, locationlessness, terms-with-no-applicable-law, etc all increase the aura of scamminess.

This looks perfect for some of my upcoming projects!

I just have a comment that the price of an individual "coffee" should be more obvious because it might not be clear before you look at the Buy button total (which is a bit low-contrast anyway).

At first glance, the 1-3-5 looks like the dollar amount you're donating, not a multiplier of a coffee cup since the coffee doesn't have the actual price anywhere.

Especially considering that a coffee price can differ from $3-$5 depending on each person's settings, I would go for clarity and either put the price in front of the coffee cup or use a coffee cup icon that has the price on it.

I'm super excited to try this out though! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/JessicaSzeto

Thanks for the kind words, Jessica. Very helpful suggestion. I've added this to our Trello and will look into this very soon.

Happy to be your first supporter on the platform :)

Haha, that's pretty clever.


I like it. I've been thinking about setting up a donation system to help cover hosting costs for a few sites, but never got around to it. This was painless to get set up and hooked up with an existing PayPal account, and easy enough to use that my users might actually chip in (doubt they would bother with platforms like Patreon or making new accounts). Definitely enjoying how simple and clean the UX is.

Spot on. That is exactly the problem that we're trying to solve. Making donations as friendly, frictionless and straightforward as possible. Glad you like it, @pikdum.


Great way to promote your site. Onboarding was as easy as it gets.

I'm a software developer with a job, but I also have open source projects that stretch out beyond the horizon. Some are much more successful than others, and I've been considering accepting donations for a while.

I don't have the hardcore following that would support something like Patreon, but I have enough of an audience where something like BMAC might work. Cryptocurrency support would be interesting as well. I've considered setting up wallets for just this purpose.

Quick feedback:

1) The creator pages feel undifferentiated (colors/icons/themes/imagery). Upsides: consistency for your platform, simplicity for creators, fewer knobs, less myspace-esque junkery. Downsides: impersonal, bland, might feel cheap/unimportant. I'm not sure where I fall on the spectrum, just a fleeting thought.

2) Under "What do you do?" on my profile, I wanted to put "Open Source Software Developer" to stress the open and contributing nature of my work, but the input's maxlength was 20. I edited it to 35 and it worked, so clearly the backend supports longer descriptions ;) Maybe raise the maxlength on the field?

Glad you like the product, Chris; and thanks a ton for all these suggestions. Let me tackle them one by one.

1. Customizable creator page was a topic of debate for us from day one :) You have beautifully shared the ups and downs of it. I've noted it and will bring this up in our next brainstorming session.

2. Haha, nice find. Just shared this on our slack. Let us see what we can do without affecting the design :) Thanks for noticing!


This site looks awesome, really cool to see what you're doing and I really hope it takes off! A little bit of feedback:

1. You really show offer a button in markdown format. The HTML one doesn't work on a github markdown document without losing all the styles because of github markdown security.

2. Because I had to use the image for markdown, I noticed that the image is pretty fuzzy on a retina screen. The whole thing is quite low res, might be worth doing a 3x one if you can?

3. It'd be great for a user to see the price they're donating and then just change it with a slide or input field. At the moment jus x1, x2, x3 is not only limiting but also quite hidden. A coffee in the UK is quite different to a coffee in Norway for instance. It also means someone can give much more if they'd like which is great for creators! Perhaps allow the creator to set a suggested and minimum donation, you can then cap at say $5 minimum, but have a suggested of $10 and the user can choose a value from there. If you wanted to keep the coffee analogy, you could have a nice little SVG which changes to a more extravagant coffee the bigger it gets, maybe eventually turning into a coffee machine at X amount.

4. I feel like I probably shouldn't be forced to setup a payment provider to get going, it makes it a lot more work to get up and running as a user of the platform.

5. It'd be fantastic if I could see where people came from when they donated. Perhaps they came from npm, github, or my blog, each is very different and lets me experiment with what's working and what's pointless.

Great platform, just what I've been looking for recently!

Hey Elliot,

Glad you like the platform, and thanks for sharing those thoughtful suggestions. We've already started working on it.

1. Noted. We're doing a complete revamp of buttons and widgets with step-by-step instructions on how to use on popular platforms like Medium, GitHub etc.

2. Very true. Work in progress.

3. We want to keep the coffee analogy, but I get your point and we'll work out a solution. Thanks for the suggestion.

4. Answered this here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16491026. Hope it's relevant.

5. That's a good idea. We'll see if we can somehow share referrer stats without cluttering the dashboard.

Thanks again for all these suggestion. Cheers!

Thanks for the response, it's great to see what you're doing and working on, do you have a blog talking some of this stuff at all?

I would love to see improvements to "the button" as well.

Hey thanks for doing this HN special https://www.buymeacoffee.com/voussoir

I like the art style and the overall appearance a lot. My only suggestion is to make the actual dollar amount on the donation page more apparent. Personally I would expect the price to be in the same box as the multiplier but instead it's all the way down in the button, in a faint color. Makes me hesitant like I don't know what I'm getting into. Good luck with the site!

I've been on the lookout for something like this recently, and this thing appeared at a pretty opportune time.

I'm spending a lot of my spare time making open-source stuff over at GitHub, and even though it's all too niche to ever see widespread use, i'd like to at least have an option to receive support through donations from anyone who likes my work.

I'm not sure that i'd be using the social features that you offer; i.e. posting updates and such- i'm mostly interested in the ability to put a link/button on my READMEs, but that seems to be very easy.

I've signed up as https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jhauberg :)

Neat project!

Here's my link https://buymeacoff.ee/fikrikarim

I wonder if this kind of "reply here" way is encouraged on HN. Yes this will get a lot of traction, but I rarely see this on HN.

Hope this post doesn't trigger the "flame war detection" [1]

[1] https://github.com/minimaxir/hacker-news-undocumented/blob/m...


The onboarding experience was great. As you grow, the page settings will need to evolve to support branding that concent creators have already decided on.

Also, the 'save' button on the pages did not give me any indication that my changes were saved (like a green checkmark or some sort of a banner)

+1 to the idea of having more than one category (and a goal for each category). I like to write about healthcare, automotive repair and business. There's little overlap in the audience.

Thank you for building this!

Very thoughtful feedback, Subhobroto. Good to have you on board.

Save button UX is a known issue, although we never thought of it as a 'bug' to fix it. We'll reconsider this. Thanks for noticing.

Thanks, and happy to be your first supporter on BMC!

Just what I have been looking for, at the exact moment I was looking for it :-) Unfortunately I already bought my first coffee on credit this morning, but I'm sure more will come in a short while! (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/laurent) The signup and profile customisation processes are highly user-friendly, and just worked the way they should! (so no bad user experience feedback for you from my side, unfortunately :) )

Thanks a lot for your great work!

Haha, that's not a sad news at all. Thank you for such a positive feedback, Laurent.


Cool, thanks a lot!

Sign up was smooth on Android chrome, but I managed to misunderstand the save button once in the edit page. I pressed save and went to hamburger menu-your page, and all changes were lost. Turns out url I chose first was taken, but the error message upon saving was off screen for me so I did not see it..

No biggie, very friendly interface. I like that I got my initials on the logo cup :) buy whoever made that a coffee..

Awesome, happy to see you notice the little things we did (you should check out the 404-page too :D).

I've noted the UI issue. We'll look into it right away.

Thanks, and welcome to BuyMeACoffee, Jonas!

I like how straightforward everything is.


I agree with previous comments that the trustworthiness (likeliness to donate) could be increased by giving actual information about the people and company behind the website, especially as money is involved.

Also, it's impossible to get to the footer on some pages because of the endless infinite scroll. All I wanted to do was click FAQ but I can't :(

Finally, do you not verify email addresses?

> We are waiving the 5% platform fee for HN users for LIFETIME! We'd also love to be your first supporter.

I'll take you up on that offer. https://buymeacoff.ee/shurcooL Thanks!

Some feedback from my signup experience:

    	1. I saw someone in the comments mentioning that it'd be nice to be
	   able to connect payout methods later, and a reply said there was
	   a "skip for now" button. So, I was looking to use it (not expecting
	   to get a lot of coffee at this time...).

	   However, the page asking to pick Stripe or PayPal came up, and there
	   was no "skip for now" button anywhere in sight. I was taken aback a
	   bit. I was thinking maybe I just need to click on the dashboard link
	   on top, but was worried that might rip me out of the onboarding flow...

	   In the end, I decided to just add a Stripe account now. So I picked
	   Stripe (over PayPal), and THEN it gave me the offer to skip adding it.
	   What!? Why show the "skip adding payment info for now" option only
	   after making the user go through the decision of picking a payment
	   provider? I'd rather have seen the button on the first page.

	   Of course, then it said my page wouldn't be visible publicly until
	   I do add one, so there wasn't a point in skipping anyway.

	   That whole "make a decision about payment/actually you can do that
	   later/actually you have to do it now" experience felt unfriendly and
	   probably could be improved.

	2. On the Dashboard, there's "What do you do?" input with an input field.
	   It shows some pre-populated (I presume) options when you begin typing.

	   I wanted to pick something that best describes me (open source software
	   engineer working mostly with Go), so I wanted to see all the options
	   available. But I could only see them if I type at least one letter.

	   So I tried typing A, B, C, etc. In the end, I was able to get a gist of
	   what categories were there and which ones weren't (there's "Developer",
	   but nothing else quite fitting), but I had to go in a roundabout way of
	   accomplishing it. Perhaps this could be made friendlier too. (Just a
	   normal dropdown that shows all options when clicked, maybe?)
P.S. That's a nice growth strategy.

Thanks for the comprehensive feedback, Dmitri.

1. You're right, and this is a known confusion. We're trying to come up with a more straightforward solution. Thanks for noticing!

2. You do not necessarily have to pick one from the given categories. Please feel free to use the title that best describes what you do.

P.S Platform fee associated with your account has been waived, and the first coffee is served :)


About point 2, let me clarify. I know that I could either pick a pre-existing category or type my own freeform text. I was trying to make the decision of which to go with based on what pre-existing categories existed. To make that decision, I wanted to be able to see the full list of categories. I was able to see that full list and make my decision, but in an awkward way. Hopefully that makes sense.


The signup process is great. On the donations page I think the $ amount should be displayed in the same box as the number of coffees or allow people to enter a usd amount as well or number of coffees. Now it's only visible on the button which I didn't see immediately.


This looks great! Here's my link:


I've suffered with eczema all my life and am working on a webapp to help people monitor their eczema, since constant monitoring of what you eat / drink / do / everything is one of the best ways to control eczema. Couldn't really think of a way to fund it before and will try this. Thanks!


Awesome setup process - wasn't expecting it to be that simple!

Thrilled to hear that. Welcome to BuyMeACoffee, Trevor. Glad to be your first supporter!

So A) I just love coffee, and B) the design and illustrations of the site are just so thoughtful, I just had to sign up <3 https://www.buymeacoffee.com/

I have never considered to accept donations for my open source work, but letting people "buy me a coffee" is quite literally what I've been telling people if they're ever thankful, and likewise what I'd offer them.

Thank you for creating this!

You're welcome and thanks for putting it so nicely! I agree that it's the most friendly way to give your audience an option to thank you.

Awesome! Here's me: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/JacobEvelyn

Small pieces of feedback:

- It's not super clear to me what I should put in "About you" vs. "Your story"

- I noticed that the "Your story" section gets centered on the page, making bulleted lists look a bit weird (see my page)

- I noticed that emoji don't work in the "Your story" section (this may be intentional)

In general this looks really neat, nice work!

Thank you, and these are some great points!

- 'About you' is more like a small two-liner that'll show right above the payment widget.

- You're right. This is a known issue, and we will fix it with the next update.

- BMC is emoji-friendly (even for supporter comments). We'll look into this right away.



Oh, one more piece of feedback I forgot: I'm rather interdisciplinary. Is there a way to put myself into more than one category?

It's a popular request, and we avoided this to do justice to the design and the overall minimalist nature of the website. I'll be sure to bring this up in our next brainstorming session. Thanks!

Thanks! Even just a limit of two or three categories max would be helpful for me. My projects are roughly 40% coding, 40% writing, and 20% charity, and I'm not really sure which category to put myself into. As a result I "made my own" which I think means it's hard to find me.

Just tried to sign up, but it appears the Stripe form doesn't work on iOS Safari. Can reproduce by filling out the whole form, not entering a phone number, hit submit. Then, I get a brief error that my phone number needs entered, which then skips directly down to bank account numbers not matching (which they do) and then, suddenly, the account number changes to my autofill password. Very odd behavior!

Oh, and it looks like your system doesn't accept the cancel back through the API. I just get a page that says "The user denied your request."

Did get it setup from my computer, thanks! http://buymeacoffee.com/nabeards

Too bad we can't view your terms/conditions without enabling JavaScript.

When I try, I get this broken link: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/'https://www.buymeacoffee.com/t...

Edit: actually it looks like the link on your homepage to terms is broken.

Weird. Terms page is working fine from our side, and is linked correctly from the homepage: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/terms

Can you try again please?

Clicking that like redirects me to this busted url: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/'https://www.buymeacoffee.com/t...

Works fine for me.

Wow this is great! First I'd heard of your platform. Onboarding was quick and painless. Late to the party, but here I am: https://buymeacoff.ee/tygerbytes

Not late at all. Thanks for trying us out, Ty! Your platform fee is waived, and I'm glad to buy your first coffee <3

Thanks, Joseph! You're too kind. :)

Hi, just created an account: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ims

Two questions: 1. I'm not clear how exactly do I send (or give access to) bonus content to my supporters? 2. Do you plan to add "podcasts" as a category? And how do I select the category in the first place?


Hi there!

1. Check out the 'Locked content' feature in the updates section - https://twitter.com/TheBuyMeACoffee/status/96093211031909171...

2. You are free to type in the category in the 'What do you do?' section. Many podcasters are already using BMC, and we will soon feature the category on our explore page.

Finally, thanks for trying us out. Please choose a payout method to make your page public.

Thank you for your reply! I will do that as soon as I am ready to launch my podcast in a couple of months :)

This is awesome. I mostly do Open Source and I think BuyMeACoffee compliments Patreon really well. Thank you for the offer.

There is only one issue where you can't attach a link to a more than a one word. I wish you could do that.

My page: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/nikitavoloboev

Good to hear that, @nikivi! Glad to be the first one to buy you coffee.

> There is only one issue where you can't attach a link to a more than a one word. I wish you could do that.

This is a known issue, and we'll fix with an update first thing tomorrow. Thanks for noticing!

Great offer on waiving off the fee. I'm a privacy nut, and though I realize you're doing this for publicity (at least on Twitter), I would prefer a method that's directly done on your platform. Perhaps something like a code or something that one could enter in the bio or elsewhere would be nice.

Looks cool, I've made one here https://www.buymeacoffee.com/albinowax - I'll add the button to http://hackxor.net/ shortly.

PS looking forward to cryptocurrency support!

Awesome! Crypto - we're on it. It should be live in a week or two max.

Thanks for trying us out, and happy to buy your first coffee :)

I actually came across your service a little while ago and figured that it had already been around for a long time, surprised that it is actually quite new. Best of luck and thanks! https://buymeacoff.ee/ayng

'Buy me a coffee' is such a popular term online that we have this unfair advantage of sounding like an old service :)

Thanks for trying us out, @ayngg. Your platform fee is waived, and glad to be your first supporter!

This looks nice! How does your product compare with Patreon? (edit:) The difference I notice about it is that this looks a lot less demanding than Patreon. A lot more laissez faire if you will.

Oh and, https://buymeacoff.ee/nettem :)

Thanks, @arrayjumper!

Patreon works best for creators with a huge loyal following, those who are most likely to pledge a monthly donation. Small creators find it difficult to raise any money at all from Patreon.

I think it's a decent idea to provide fans with an option of quick one-time payment since many do not like the idea of going through the long process of signing up and paying monthly.


Will keep it in reserve, I have some personal projects in the pipeline who could go over the free tiers of some cloud service providers. Perhaps the users want help me with that.

This post literally came at the right time for me as I was just looking into options for this exact functionality for my side project. Excited to give it a whirl.


Awesome! Happy to be your first supporter :)

We're a tweet away if there's anything – https://twitter.com/TheBuyMeACoffee

> We are waiving the 5% platform fee for HN users for LIFETIME!

Thanks! I like the simple design, I'll check it out.


That is really nice of you:


changed the link to: https://buymeacoff.ee/igork

I haven't been soliciting donations before, but seems like a possibility I should follow up, so: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/neaj :-)



> - Exclusive content: Publish supporter-only content on your BuyMeACoffee page to encourage more donations.

Would BMC host this content? What would happen if the content went viral?

Exclusive content = texts, links, and video embed for now. We're not hosting anything ATM. File upload is on our roadmap, but creators seem to be pretty satisfied with the current set up :)

BTW welcome to BuyMeACoffee! Happy to buy your first coffee.


I uploaded an avatar with portrait dimension but it looks like your system turned it to a square improperly (the avatar looks squished)

Noted. Sorry for the trouble, Joshua. Do accept the apology coffee :) Cheers!


Lovely (and lively!) project, glad it's been posted here. Quite spare design. No flaws signing up. It'll be a treat to experiment.

That's fantastic, thank you! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/np

Is it possible to further reduce the minimum supporter amount (to, say, $1?) - or customize it?

It is not :( Do you think such a feature would be useful? We went with $3, $4, and $5 after careful research and a poll among creators.

Welcome to BMC! Platform fee is waived, and the first coffee served :)


Added the button to a little forum I run. It was easy enough to set up. I previously had no advertising or anything on the site.

Awesome! Thanks for trying us out, @johnpowell. Fee is waived, and enjoy your first coffee on the house :)

Well, nothing to lose I guess. Easy process to set it up, servers are getting a little pounded the last few hours I guess :)


HN kiss of death, I guess :) We briefly went down to upgrade the server.

Glad to be your first supporter BTW. Thanks for trying us out!

better upgrade again, the site is looking broken atm

Love the UI/UX… this how everything should work in 2018.

And thanks for your offer for HN users! Quite awesome of you.

Here’s my page link: https://buymeacoff.ee/alwillis

Thank you for the kind words, @alwillis! Appreciate it.

Please choose a payout method on BuyMeACoffee to make your page public. Waiting to view the page. Cheers!

Signing up was seamless. I will look forward to using BMC in the future. Thank you for waiving the platform fee!


You're welcome, @huuyngo. Welcome to BuyMeACoffee! I just bought your first coffee and waived the platform fee associated with your account. Thanks for trying us out.

Anything that lowers the friction for people who want to donate can only be a good thing.

And sure, why not: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jonathon

True that. Welcome to BMC, Jonathan. Enjoy a coffee on the house :)


Looks great! Would love to see a baby dropdown option that let's users set their own price, but the site looks awesome!

That's a neat idea, Greyson. Currently, supporters can quickly click one of those preset counts (1, 3, 5) to buy more coffees and it seems to be working really well. More than half of the donations are more than one coffee.

Welcome to BMC! :)


As others have noted, I would have liked to see what my page would look like before/when setting it up.

Noted. Welcome to BMC, Sergey! Happy to buy your first coffee.

Wow. Thank you. I think it is very beautifully made.


I recently started blogging, so I am very happy to come across this :)

Perfect timing, I guess :) Good to have you on board, Dominik!

P.S Your platform fee is waived. Happy to be your first supporter :)

Stripe/Credit Card (2.9% +.30) fees still apply - right?

Thank you! :)

Made a link: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/UeaBnjrb7

FYI, the text fields when inserting a link are switched around.

Welcome to BuyMeACoffee, @archagon. Just bought you your first coffee :) Link issue is noted. We'll take a look.

Thank you! :)

I was on the fence, but a lifetime waived fee is irresistible! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/plwinn

It sure is :) Welcome to BMC, Winn! Glad to be your first supporter, and waive the platform fee.

I like the simplicity of the site, and the clean design. Get in, donate, get out. Easy.


Yep, trying to make it as frictionless as possible :) Thanks for trying us out. Glad to be your first supporter!

Awesome, been looking for something like this.


Any chance of a webhook for donation notifications?

Yes! Coming soon. Enjoy the 'Someone bought you 5 coffees' emails until then :)

Glad to be your first supporter BTW!


Thanks!! Excited to try this out.

Hope I'm not late to the party :) My page is https://buymeacoff.ee/keraf

Nice site, good luck with it!

Nice and easy to setup.


Might be cool to have the ability to change it from coffee to something else.

True, you can do it with the buttons though (custom text, font, color etc.). It's pretty cool.

Thanks for trying us out, Mycah. Enjoy your first coffee on the house :)


appreciate your work, also looking forward to crypto support, cheers!

Welcome to BMC, Don! Crypto support is just around the corner and we're equally excited :)

Awesome website and I hope it kicks off. :) https://buymeacoff.ee/michaelbrooks

Thanks, Michael! Welcome to BMC, and enjoy your first coffee on the house :)

Great execution, plan to give is a whirl:


Awesome! Thanks for trying us out, Thomas. Glad to be your first supporter on the platform.

Sign up was a breeze. Thanks for this. https://buymeacoff.ee/researcher

You're welcome and thank you for trying us out. Nice username BTW :) Glad to buy your first coffee on the platform!

This is awesome, thank you! Here's my page: https://buymeacoff.ee/billy

Welcome to BMC, Billy. Nice username BTW :) Glad to be the first one to buy you coffee!

Thanks! Here's my link: https://buymeacoff.ee/d99kris

Very smooth signup experience.

That's what we want to hear! :) Welcome to BuyMeACoffee.

Platform fee associated with your account has been waived, and glad to be the first one to contribute.

Thanks for waiving the platform fee! https://buymeacoff.ee/tunesmith

You're welcome, and thanks for trying us out, @tunesmith.

Please choose a payout method to make your page public. Waiting to buy your first coffee!

Whoops! Thanks - I finished that part of it now. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/tunesmith

I just created my page:


Thanks for a simple and easy onboarding process!

Glad you like it, @aapusaam! Enjoy your first coffee on the house :)

I'd love to see this take off :) Made my page


<3 We'd love that too :D

Welcome to BuyMeACoffee!

Easy onboarding, thanks! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/xzion

Thanks, Coen! Fee is waived, and enjoy your first coffee on the house :)

A fantastic product, thanks! https://buymeacoff.ee/14WkfhG

Woohoo! Thanks. Happy to welcome you with a coffee.


Beautiful site, good luck!

Thank you, welcome to BMC! Glad to be your first supporter on the platform :)

Thanks for the waiver! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ping

Setup was fast and easy. I like the simplicity of it so far.


Thank you for the kind words, @avb. Making the product minimal and frictionless was our #1 priority from day one.

Glad to be your first supporter :)


Surprisingly easy to sign up and use

:) That's what we like to hear! Welcome to BMC, @estyn.

Very cool! Thank you :) https://buymeacoff.ee/jwkvam

Thanks for trying us out, Jacques! Your platform fee is waived, and enjoy your first coffee on the house :)

Thanks, @SeriousLemon! Happy to be your first supporter :)

Welcome to BuyMeACoffee Stephen! Glad to be your first supporter :)

Had to get this link, https://buymeacoff.ee/here

Thanks for trying us out :) Glad to be your first supporter!

Hi there! It looks like you have not selected a payout method. Please choose between Paypal or Stripe to make your page public. Cheers!

I just set up with Stripe. I'm looking forward to getting Buy Me a Coffee set up tomorrow night. Thank you so much!!

Welcome to BuyMeACoffee! Your platform fee is waived for lifetime; and glad to buy your first coffee :)

looks great! my link: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/akashh

Thank you, @akashakya! Please choose a payout method to make your page public. Waiting to buy your first coffee :)

That's a beautiful Buy Me A Coffee page, @fady. Glad to be your first supporter!

Signed up for my non-profit, the onboarding flow was simple and fast: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/LlcnOfXiu

However, I have a few pointers. During the onboarding flow, I had to fill out the title, description, image / videos. It would be nice to see a layout of how the page would look like so I can determine how these information would be presented to the public and then fill it out according (how much to write, what to write, etc.)

In the description, adding url links felt a little clunky. It seems that only single words could be linked, whereas the expected experience is to be able to link multiple words at once.

Looking at my created page, I could publish updates. This was a pleasant surprise because I came in expecting a static page. Do you see non-profits as a target audience?

Good Job, I like the product. It feels simple.

Welcome to BuyMeACoffee, @songsze. Good to see that you already started receiving coffees :)

- Thanks for the suggestion. Our intention is to make the onboarding process as straightforward as possible and we will look into this. That hyperlink issue could be a glitch. I've added to our Trello. Thanks for noticing.

- Glad you liked the updates features. Tip: You can publish exclusive content for your supporters, that's only visible to them after buying you a coffee.

- Yes, very much. Several non-profits are already using BuyMeACoffee to raise money. One such is called LittleHandsBigHearts, a small group of people passionate about helping those less fortunate than ourselves on the Island of Bali: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/v4J21UB

Just want to say that giving many examples of users of your site with links as replies is a genius way to show off your existing customers. It doesn't feel like spam, more like examples with proof. Good luck!

Thank you :)

passed a coffee your way. Was thinking about setting up a similar thing up here in the Portland area but just haven't had time. Glad someone is out there doing it though!

I like the site, I appreciate that it's straight-forward and simple, as it should be. A lot of Show HN's come out of the gate getting that wrong.

I found this section in the FAQ confusing, about what BMC charges:

"BuyMeACoffee is 100% free and do not charge a monthly fee or a percentage of the donation. We plan to charge a 5% platform fee in the future to support future development and expansion. So when a creator receives $100 from supporters, BMC will earn a $5 platform fee. However, rest assured that all our existing users (like you) won’t be charged, ever."

100% free. We plan to charge a 5% platform fee (what the hell is a platform fee). All our existing users won't be charged, ever.

What? That's an extremely poorly structured explanation on something that absolutely must be crystal clear (given it's core to what you're doing).

First off, thank you for the kind words.

That FAQ section was recently updated to make more clarity on the subject (the irony!). I'll definitely bring this up in the next brainstorming session and improve it.

To clarify, platform fee is the small cut platforms take for providing the service (such as Patreon's 5% cut). BuyMeACoffee is 100% free for all its early users, and forever will be.

Is the donor charged a different amount based on whether they pay through Stripe or Paypal?

If I go to donate $5 at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/xn, it looks like I'll be $5 if I pay through Stripe with a credit card, and $5.45 if I pay using PayPal:


Both Stripe and Paypal charge a small processing fee (2.9% + 30 cents).

In most cases, that charge isn't passed on to the buyer/donor. When it is, it should be made explicit.

Nonprofits sometimes make it an option, e.g. "Add 3% to your donation to help offset credit card processing fees".

Noted. Thank you, @xn.

Seems very similar to https://ko-fi.com - any contrast we should recognize?

Yes, we are similar in branding :) Ko-fi is a good old product! Here's what we do differently: Multiple payout option (Paypal and Stripe), Exclusive content (gift your supporters with exclusive rewards to encourage more donations), official Wordpress plugin, customizable coffee amount ($3, $4 or $5) and much more.

My feedback:

1. "Create your button" seems to have a problem. When I click "Copy HTML Code" or "Copy Image Code" text changes to Copied! but actually doesn't copy anything to clipboard. Windows 10, Firefox 55, uBlock Origin. I also tried without uBlock and it's the same. I think it would be better that the code is actually shown on the form (because I can copy paste it manually then).

2. Edit page, picture choosing - I've chosen a picture which looked OK but after clicking "Save changes" the picture's width/height ratio is changed (it was streched horizontally). So I had to manually resize it in Paint.NET and then upload again. It'd be helpful if some info is added that the picture should have equal height and width.

3. During signup, after presenting the choice of Stripe and PayPal I was confused. My thought process: why I need to choose between Stripe and PayPal? Would you just generate Buy Now button? Will I have to open Stripe account? If somebody wants to donate will he have to have PayPal/Stripe also? At the end I've chosen PayPal. It seems to me this step can be skipped completely and be done after the first donation is received.

All in all, excellent job! Good luck!

Thanks for taking time to write such comprehensive feedback!

1. We were unable to replicate this, but there's the possibility for a compatibility issue. Thanks for noticing.

2. You're right; it can be improved. Noted.

3. I think improving the copy on that page will go a long way in solving the confusion. Currently, it is required for creators to choose a payout method to make the page public. We are using Stripe Connect to facilitate instant payments for creators who select Stripe.

So let's say a user did not choose a payout method and started receiving coffees. After receiving a coffee or two, he wanted to use Stripe connect. In this case, we will have to manually pay out his donations thus far before connecting his account to Stripe (and what if it's less than the Paypal minimum threshold of $10?).

For a platform that's trying to keep things simple and straightforward, that'd be a whole lot of complications and manual work :) However, I understand that this is not reason enough to ignore a critical UX concern. We'll try our best to come up with something that's efficient and straightforward.


The way I understand your profit model is that you are, essentially, trying to undercut the competition by operating at a loss until the amount of clients you have surpasses some undisclosed number (or your initial capital runs low?), at which point new customers will have to pay the market rate for your service, and your initial customers still don't pay anything?

If you make it far enough to start charging for your services, what incentive do you have to give the initial customers the same level of service as the paying ones?

I hope you understand I'm just expressing a healthy level of skepticism, not trying to degrade what looks like an awesome service.

Very good question, @kqr. Unlike our competitors, BuyMeACoffee is catering to small and big creators alike. Even if we waive the platform fee for the first 100k creators, there is still room for us to make money as there are millions of creators online. By making the entry barrier low, we are hoping to attract the maximum number of creators and initiate a network effect. 90% of our existing users are referred by other creators, directly or from their promotions :)

I probably don't understand quite what you are getting at. If you bear with me, I have an easier time with concrete examples: if I sign up now, and in two years' time, Steve signed up as part of the post-critical mass. So I bring in $0 to you while using your infrastructure, and Steve is also a smallish creator using the infrastructure just as much as me, but bringing in, say, $8 per month, on average.

If Steve and I both have trouble, it would make business to prioritise helping Steve, in order to be able to afford helping me, but I'd still be a second-tier user.

Why should I believe this will not be the case?

Thanks for taking time to explain your point. I understand what you mean.

As a consumer product marketed towards masses, it is highly improbable that there will ever occur an event when we have to prioritize one type of users over another.

Also, it is wrong to think that creators who we don't charge a platform fee are not valuable to us. Like I mentioned in my previous comment, BuyMeACoffee has an innate virality where each creator who shares his BMC link attract more creators to join the platform, making all our users more or less equally valuable. Does that make sense? I hope this answers your question.

Thank you for the response. The reason I'm insistent is that I've been looking for something just like BuyMeACoff.ee, and when things show up and appear perfect at no or nearly no cost I get suspicious! But looks like you have a good thing going. :)

If anyone is interested, I just made a simple, free donation platform for Stellar Lumens (XLM) cryptocurrency. No registration required and anonymous since it reads directly from the blockchain for the data.


Is there any reason why you choose XLM over other cryptocurrencies or why is it restricted to only XLM? As far as I can see the site just makes it easier for a person to share their public key.

I love the style. Can you put a demo "donate to me" (the actual you, the creator of the service) button so we can see the flow and/or donate?

Thank you! At the bottom of the page is a non-obvious demo to my actual account (http://xlm.party/payments/GAATDRK3ZM2HJOYBADJTT3S6QZP7QLXK75...) and you can generate fake demo donations by appending `?generate_donations=true` to the URL.

The great theme is by https://html5up.net/ which is a nice resource for free themes.

Oh nice, thanks for that! html5up.net is great indeed, I've used them in the past, though I didn't realize this theme was by them. Good job integrating it well!

That's great. We're betting big on crypto ourselves and is soon supporting all major coins (via CoinBase commerce).

Good luck with the product :)

I'm a musician who gives their work away for free. I'm intrigued by this. I don't make a living off my music, but I have a small following that supports me in small ways (5 bucks here, 10 bucks there).

Can you tell me what the difference is between using this and say, using a paypal donation button? If I use your product, aren't I being charged twice, since you take a cut, and so does paypal / stripe?

Hi there!

1. Some reasons to switch from PayPal a) Supporter rewards (gift them exclusive content), b) Much friendly way to ask for support than sharing a Paypal.me link or donate button (which also means higher conversion). c) Multiple payment options (Stripe, Paypal and very soon - cryptocurrencies) d) Showcase your goals and the comments left by other supporters.

2. BuyMeACoffee is 100% free for all early users. Of course, the standard credit-card processing fee will be charged, but no other cut is involved.

Please drop your BMC link and I'd love to buy your first coffee :)

This looks really cool. Really enjoying the branding.

If anyone is looking for an even simpler way to accept donations I've created a donation platform where you only need a Stripe account to get started. Check it out if you're interested: https://stripity.com

Thank you for the kind words, @fabianlindfors.

Stripity looks like a great product. Good luck!

Love the clear and intuitive interface. Congratulations! Would be nice to have a way to input a free amount, imho.

Here is mine: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/michaelbazos

Cool 404, by the way.

Thank you, Michael! Just shared your comment (about 404) with our designer :)

Welcome to BuyMeACoffee; glad to be your first supporter.


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