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Resources to learn project management best practices?
1 point by chuie on Feb 27, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments
My side project is beginning to attract interest from a few people who would like to hop on board. At this point I am just doing what feels familiar and sensible, but the project manager perspective is new to me. Are there any sort of articles/books/podcasts/etc that could clue me into how to become better at it?

Project Management: https://wrdrd.github.io/docs/consulting/software-development... ... #requirements-traceability, #work-breakdown-structure (Mission, Project, Goal/Objective #n; Issue #n, - [ ] Task)

"Ask HN: How do you, as a developer, set measurable and actionable goals?" https://westurner.github.io/hnlog/#story-15119635

- Burndown Chart, User Stories

... GitHub and GitLab have milestones and reorderable issue boards. I still like https://waffle.io for complexity points; though you can also just create labels for e.g. complexity (Complexity-5) and priority (Priority-5).

http://blog.practicingitpm.com produces a weekly summary of useful PM content - subscribe by RSS

https://opensource.guide/ is full of tips on how to run OSS projects

Managing remote teams is almost a separate discipline unto itself, there's some useful tools and tips here: https://blog.toggl.com/managing-remote-teams/

Similar question from 2 weeks ago "Ask HN: Best project management practices in 2018?" https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16377523 though on first glance there's only one book mentioned.

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