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Since you do SEO, HN might benefit from a blog post about how to do legitimate SEO, or why to hire SEO people.

I consider SEO as part of the design of projects I consider, I don't consider it a service or something I might hire someone to do, but then my perception is that outsourced SEO means spamming links around. I admit I may be ignorant and maybe you can enlighten us.

I highly recommend Patio11's writing on the subject, especially:


Patrick is a member of the excellent seobook.com community, which is also a great source.

I used to love reading Aarons seobook.com blog, back when it was just selling an e-book, but I am curious these days about worth of the $300 a month tag for "joining" a community.

I would have thought one would need to do well over low 6 figures to justify such an expense.

Edit: I see Patrick is a moderator, so I assume it is a "barter" deal.

I used to pay a hundred a month for it, though I get it free now because text boxes activate my write advice instinct, and some advice helped people out.

BCC does substantially in excess of $3.6k a year due to advice I got from Aaron. YMMV.

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