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I have to admit, I hate seeing SEO posts submitted here. Not because I don't like them, but because of the ignorance so many of you show towards any use or mention of SEO.

SEO isn't bad, Google themself has an SEO guide they released for webmasters. Building links is not a bad thing, Google created the entire link building game by relying on them for determining ranking.

Some of you need to step down from your damn pedestal and realize that marketing makes money. No one is going to link to your site if they don't know it exists. Link building and SEO is not illegal, and is a very valid way to make money.

I would imagine the vast majority of you have nowhere near enough experience to even comment on the use of SEO as opposed to when it comes to something like another Haskell VS. OCaml post.

EDIT: for misuse of a word

Be civil. No need to tell us what we know or do not know, we know that much better than you. Rather tell us what you know which is of relevance to the topic in discussion.

Quite frankly, a group of people whining about someone gaming the system of a massive highly profitable company and not really understanding the underlying dynamics of said practices is something I feel needs to called out and denounced. I don't criticize the australian government because I'm ignorant of their setup.

The majority of people here think the only morally acceptable form of seo is using h1 tags and making sure to have alt tags on their images. There's a whole different side of seo that must be used in order to even tread water in most markets.

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