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Method and apparatus for controlling electric currents (1925) [pdf] (googleapis.com)
13 points by hownottowrite 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

> A convenient way of providing the film over the coatings 11 and 12 and the electrode 13 is to spatter metallic copper by heating copper wire with in a vacuum, or by depositing copper from a colloidal suspension, over the entire upper surface and then sulphurizing the deposited copper in sulphur vapor, or by exposure to a suitable gas as hydrogen sulphide or a liquid containing sulphur, as sulphur dissolved in carbon bisulfide.

Nice use of the word "convenient" to mean "impossible to almost everyone, even 100 years in the future".

Still, it's a lovely piece of writing compared to most modern patents I've seen.

Seems really easy if you have sputtering equipment, which has been around for awhile. Unless by almost everyone you mean garage hobbyists.

Would anyone care to enlighten me as to the significance of this ?

The field-effect transistor was first patented by Julius Edgar Lilienfeld in 1926 and by Oskar Heil in 1934, but practical semiconducting devices (the junction field-effect transistors [JFETs]) were developed later after the transistor effect was observed and explained by the team of William Shockley at Bell Labs in 1947, immediately after the 20-year patent period eventually expired.

thank you :)

Current affairs.

current to whom ? no thanks to you

I thought the pun was patently obvious.

I got that one ;)

The invention of the transistor.

thanks, a little brief but thanks :)

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