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I love this :D Very much in the spirit of my own Computer Graphics from scratch [0]

On an unrelated topic, I wonder whether this popping up in the front page is indirectly related to this comment [1] I posted here yesterday. Many, many times I read interesting comments on HN posts, forget about the topic, and a day or two later, another closely related post appears on the front page. I suppose these comments generate follow-up research that ends up in other interesting articles being discovered and shared. Is it just me? Have you observed this as well? Is HN actually becoming some sort of hacker collective consciousness?

[0] http://www.gabrielgambetta.com/computer-graphics-from-scratc...

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16460633

I consume hacker news in what I believe to be a not so normal way. I load the rss feed into feedly and scroll through every single thing posted. This suits me as I don't care what's popular. I mostly like things that aren't too popular.

I notice what you have noticed often. There are waves of a certain theme that clearly show other people posting things after researching something that they first saw here.

An absolutely phenomenal book I'd recommend on writing your own computer graphics from scratch is 'Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus' [1] by Andre LaMothe. It was published in 2003, but as it's about how technology works and not using whatever the latest graphics API is - it's timeless. It goes through everything in immense, yet still very accessible, detail. You start from nothing and at the end have a fully lit, shadowed, spatially partitioned, animated, textured, 3D game - using a software renderer that you write from scratch.

[1] - https://www.amazon.com/Tricks-Programming-Gurus-Advanced-Gra...

I'd go with these two instead:

Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book http://www.jagregory.com/abrash-black-book/

Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice: Principles and Practices https://www.amazon.co.uk/Computer-Graphics-Principles-Practi...

So one use I have for HN is that I upvote submissions that are things that I want to come back to and read later. I know bookmarks are kind of made for this, but I've never really gotten into the bookmark thing. (For that matter, I also rarely use the speed dial on my phone..) That's probably because I change computers/browsers regularly, and having lost all my bookmarks years and years ago, I stopped using them.

It also bothers me to treat upvoting "comments" this way.. I want it to stay under the "upvoted submissions" link on my profile. So I googled "computer graphics from scratch site:news.ycombinator.com" and upvoted the first submission that linked to your page.

I guess what I'm getting at is that method somehow feels wrong to me. Anyone have suggestions for "read-it-later" type bookmarks?

Use a blog-this bookmarklet. It inserts the highlighted text into a fresh post with the page title linked to the page.

I've been blogging for wel over a decade for the audience of 1. He is perfectly in tune with the author and immensely enjoys everything I post. Sometimes the audience grows by 100% for a short while but after clicking around the categories and the insane amount of hierachic tags he never visits more than 5 citations.

It is highly amusing when he suggests to make the website even better. As if that is possible.

When google droped it I explained that I make the website and they may index it or chose not to. Their ideas how to improve the site and their attempt to force me was like they live on a different planet. They use to do organic ranking? I thought it facinating how they thought they could do that without accounting for my interests.

Point being: you want one of these websites just to have people (consumers) hate on it.

Do try to keep the personal notes as if addessing an audience. When you read those 10 years from now you say out loud: woah this guy is clearly a genius. By that time your 20k "bookmarks" (from now on called blog posts) will have a search engine allowing you to swiftly deeplink buddies into your mind so that they can have conversations under it that become similar treasures the decade after that.

No link to my blog here :)

I use HN favorites to save things for later, so I have a separate list from the things I upvote.

>That's probably because I change computers/browsers regularly, and having lost all my bookmarks years and years ago, I stopped using them.

Something similar happened to me, so I started storing my bookmarks under revision control. I don't add to them too often, so committing & pushing is a process that reminds me to not bookmark things unless they're _really_ interesting.


cool. I was looking to build something like this for a while. But never give serious thoughts. I am inspired again now. Along with links/bookmarks, I really want a support for words also. Because many times, it is just easy to save words and later query using google e.g. Radix Sort

I find if I don’t actively read something then it’ll never happen. I use (not well) safari tabs this way on my iPhone, as it allows me to create an infinite number of tabs that are backed up and accessible from other devices.

Ha! I was just thinking about this ‘HN collective consciousness’ the other day. Not sure if I’m just more aware of it now or if it is actually occurring more frequently.

Lets hope peeps are concious not just intelligent.

This looks fantastic as well! I'm a computer graphicist as well, and I always enjoy seeing gentle yet thorough introductions to the topic.

Is there something like this for 2D instead of 3D? I see there's a little bit at the beginning of Part II here.

> Have you observed this as well?

Many, many times :)

Baader-Meinhof phenomenon..

U r special and unique. Just like everyone else...

The term is "group mind", not "collective consciousness" <g-d-r>

I've heard 'hivemind' more than 'group mind'.

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