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How can I, as an employer, provide a fair interview process if every interviewee gets to pick terms? A uniform process isn't because we think it is the optimal process, but because it is the best process that ensures fairness.

Picking the terms is a negotiation. I think sometimes we forget that the interviewee is also interviewing us as a prospective employer. This isn't a school exam. Hiring is a business negotiation. Pretending that it's not is counterproductive.

Here's the thing. Not every interviewee is going to care. You do it on a case-by-case basis where you weigh the importance of the position you're trying to fill with your time. Looking for a productive, average developer? Then say no to their terms. Looking for the best of the best? Then you may want to spend that extra 5 minutes looking over their CV and consider if they might be worth your time.

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