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> Even a short phone screen where I just ask someone to code a simple question takes 20-30 minutes of my time (plus however much time I need to get back in the zone), so HackerRank is appealing if only to weed out the very worst candidates.

But you took 20-30 Minutes of their time too, the only difference is that you get a compensation at the end of theses 20-30 min, they don't. If someone told me, "OK , i m gonna waste 3 hours of your time in exchange of a mere promise of a job", i will simply decline the job.I work 9hr/day , I have better things to do with my free time...

> But you took 20-30 Minutes of their time too

Yeah, with often very high ratios (I've seen above 100:1 in positions where I had information more than once recently) applicants for open positions, hiring simply isn't going to work if it requires symmetric time investment from hiring managers and applicants.

I'm assuming that you don't expect companies to hire everyone who applies and therefore some candidates are going to have time wasted. What do you think is a fair amount of time to expect someone to give for an initial screening?

My longest and latest job interview lasted 3 hours but we talked about the goals and the visions of the company (that part doesn't bother me), the technical part (code with a pen + questions) lasted about 15 mins. But to set a threshold, generally i ask if the test requires more than 1 hour, if yes, I decline politely.

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